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Heaven & Earth: Inanna with Star and Dead Roses

The Narcissus I planted on December 13 started blooming on the New Sun.  The one in the chalice from The Alchemy of Love, I named Inanna with a prayer for Leesa and her crucial interspecies healing of the planet.

The other from the window I took to Suzanne Benton‘s house which I last visited under the Spring Equinox and she yelled out the door: “What Goddess do you want me to perform?  Ariadne?”

And that is what gave me the idea of braving the masculine libido so vulnerable and alone — One Last Time!

What a surprise to find a new Goddess at the stairs to Suzanne’s deck!

With a New Year’s Duck Salad with Pomegranate Seeds in one hand, I placed the offering before the Goddess.  

I counted  the five seeds on her vest and knew that Suzanne had last created Inanna

The  Aquarian Age Sky Goddess!

Yes, indeed.  The back revealed the seeds as self-generating, self-contained…


The Aquarian Sky Goddess has landed!!!

Entering the house, which is a temple to the Goddess, I discovered the Secret Box  that Suzanne just opened.  I couldn’t identity the woman in the portrait, but I imagined her as Margaret Fuller and Virginia Woolf combined: Sophia & Inanna integrated into a singular divine face of the feminine…

Suzanne Benton’s bookshelf

Standing before a bookshelf, I meditated on the geometry created between Jung’s Red Book and two “HE” boxes.

They were like two pillars to a portal, with the connecting link the Erotic Bible of the self-realized masculine .  In the center of this physical Jungian bridge so recently gifted to the world was a book on India, Suzanne’s destination for a mask teaching workshop, a mythical journey she will track on her blog:

I cried: ‘You will do a Mask Tale on Inanna!”

Because she hadn’t before.

And she said: “I can’t promise that.”

And then I remembered Elinor Gadon telling me about the connection between the Indus Valley and the Fertile Crescent.

So, these magical moments in time, what Jung called synchronicites, are planned for us.  As Suzanne once warned me: “You have to live the myths.”

Indeed, you do.  As my readers know…

And what she told us tonight in her priestess robes, “When your time comes, you have to act.”

At this epiphany, I met a woman who did the deed: Meredith Gray, a beautiful and brilliant Taurus, who told me her tale of descent into the Underworld, and her rise with her ruler, Venus, this past fall.

And she gave me a DVD with a documentary film, Naked, And this, when I watched it later that night, revealed to me what it truly

Suzanne Benton and Meredith Gray with Benton’s painting in the background.

means to be naked in the world, but with the support of the Goddess through loving female friends.

And this is how I discovered, in the most unexpected and magical way, what I had been chasing all along: a real life story of rebirth through art.  I had been foreseeing at Silvermine, the oldest guild in the country and the site of my very first art review.  And here it was embodied, quite literally, in the form of Meredith Gray!

Suzanne with her latest Goddess, the pro-active self-generating Inanna, with the gift of Narcissus at her feet!


On Tuesday night, I read J. Karl Bogartte’s FB gift before going to sleep.  His poetry had sent me into the alchemical Nigredo, and the Calcinatio, this time proceeding the Solutio — forming into the Coagulatio when I was swept to my knees before Dianne Bowen’s (R)evolution.  On my Sublimatio passage (fueled by the ingestion of a vial of Gingko purchased in China Town) from Ground Zero to Grand Central, my feet barely touched the ground!
At last, I was experiencing the hieros gamos while firmly and irrevocably EMBODIED!
At 2:06 PM on December 4, precisely 12 hours after the New Sun solar eclipse, I saw J. Karl’s notes on my FB wall, an excerpt from “Book Three of a Curious Night For a Double Eclipse.”  After absorbing his prose in the conjunctio between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, I held my gaze on the very last line:  “Sleep is the architecture of a rendezvous that forms the hunger of a triangle.”
Here, at last, was a poem that only my full unconscious could interpret!
Tuesday, 6:16 PM:  “Sleep, yes, I will read this in full just before going to sleep. Bound to filter into my dreams…Thank you, J. Karl!!”
Tuesday, 7:07 PM:  “Sweet dreams, Lisa!”
Tuesday, 10:35 PM: “I’m absorbing your words now, J. Karl, just before I go to sleep.”

Photograph by J. Karl Bogartte

“Bright calipers of the alloy-laden arch, light-birthing heaviness, a fire between the air and the water, the arc of the dive into disappearance. Desire is not beautiful, but an invisible flame, a knife thrust into the heart, a moment of oblivion. The figure is translated, disfigured and set spinning into the tall and languid codes of light, violent codes, aching darkness of codes deceiving stature, who is dismantled. Words pulled out of lead. Breath of crystal…

The rain of deer in the plateau of whispers… From Magyar to Pendulum, in the here and there, from Caribou to Penumbra, by the minutiæ of a graceful assassin asleep and sighting in the glass vessel of a desirable space, from Weapon to Dust, for the children swimming in their myths, for the dawn mist suspended in the eyes, seeing what cannot be seen when “It’s too bright to see…” from Abyssinian to Chiaroscuro, and the word absence brings a field of Lepidoptera into the desolate rose of a derailed elucidation. A descent into light.

A bright spirit made of wolves, a throat in the fountain of analogies.

Is it enough to carve out the block of darkness, what evolves through the clarity of the hard clay, the urge to shape, to heat through exhaustion? But, always: “I am the dancing thorn, the hook and crook of a magical piercing, the devouring embrace… the train that smashes the certainty of shadows. I am when reflection grows out of the body, the locomotion of unbelievable grasping, the root-sense of night-fires and unspoken weapons. There is only the theatre of consciousness in the blind, bright breath that is bleeding in the wings…” There is only the thrust of the wolf-cloth, the veil-tender’s act of absolute defiance, the tear of lightning.

The desirable scavengers, dancing with ghostly abandon, starlight exhaled, flowers buried under the skin, bleeding the forest, and the fire, a breathless window.

A glance that opens up like a cult of shivering initiates, in the house of crux, on the table of bodily shifting, nebulous clones, face to face for the window of sidereal corollas and cones, breeding and blending, sight unseen, rising up through an ultimate seduction. Across the bridge, beneath the trees and colliding objects of refusal, in a Portuguese dialect, where the buzzing begins to sound like words of contempt, beautiful appeals, spells…

The desirable scavengers, dancing with ghostly abandon, starlight exhaled, flowers buried under the skin, bleeding the forest, and the fire, a breathless window.

A glance that opens up like a cult of shivering initiates, in the house of crux, on the table of bodily shifting, nebulous clones, face to face for the window of sidereal corollas and cones, breeding and blending, sight unseen, rising up through an ultimate seduction. Across the bridge, beneath the trees and colliding objects of refusal, in a Portuguese dialect, where the buzzing begins to sound like words of contempt, beautiful appeals, spells…

Invisible writing is the sign of a matadora in love with a massacre. The rain that bewilders is the loupe that ignites the orgasm of the mirror, and surrenders to it.

Sleep is the architecture of a rendezvous that forms the hunger of a triangle.

— J. Karl Bogartte

And Sophia appeared and whispered in my ear not to worry, because she would be guiding the (R)evolution that will bring masculine and feminine into an authentic hieros gamos!
So, finally and irrevocably wrapped in the  luxurious embrace of the “Curious Night For the Double Eclipse” —


Meredith sent me a message along with a poem today:  “Embrace this time of silence, it is truly a luxury.”
Soon silence will have passed into legend.  Man has turned his back on silence.  Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation… tooting, howling, screeching, booming, crashing, whistling, grinding, and trilling bolster his ego.  His anxiety subsides.  His inhuman void spreads monstrously like a gray vegetation.
— Jean Arp

During one cycle from the Winter Solstice 2009 to the Winter Solstice 2010, right up to the New Sun, through the week of a Solar Eclipse honoring the passage of Venus out of Scorpio, after passing through the Underworld and ascending into the final transformation in the Aquarian Age Love Goddess.  It has been quite a journey of manifestation.


A new blog has been initiated as the birth of the divine child with the sacred marriage under this lunar eclipse.   When all is in darkness, the light of the soul shines brightly.  This new blog will be run by Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, or so She informs me!



Venus in the sign of Freedom.  Elevated in the sky just after sunrise, she enters Sagittarius, bringing her light to the world as Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, propelled by Jupiter/Uranus descending.

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I tried to stay up for the Solar Eclipse, but drifted in and out of sleep.  Incredibly powerful as it took place on the New Sun and I spent the morning filtering the energy through my body.  Sublime!  Full of photons, I am embarked on a 10 day fast.

The chart for the East Coast  (above) reveals a transformation in art (Venus in Scorpio rising) just emerging that establishes an authentic (Capricorn) value (second house stellium) which is at the tail end of a struggle (New Moon square to Saturn in Libra, the sign ruling art) to engage the collective consciousness.  The Capricorn lineup (Pluto, Sun, Moon, Mars) makes a beautiful trine to the Virgo MC!

Steady and grounded we proceed…

My HuffPost review published under the shadow of the solar eclipse last night sums up my filtering of this configuration:*

* Although I can control the timing of submission, I don’t control the timing of publication.

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The Winter Solstice chart is, in fact, about digging, digging and digging…

…digging into the personal subconscious, transforming anger into healing energy and arising from the submergence with a new direction reflecting a new paradigm!!!

Approximately 15 hours after the spectacular Lunar Eclipse on the longest night of the year, Winter Solstice took place at 6:38 PM EST.  This event is known as “the Return of the Sun.”

The Earth, moving on its axis, is tiled at the furthest point from the Sun, shining directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. The Sun enters Capricorn was greeted by pagans as the New Sun, which was appropriated by Christians as the birth of the Divine Son.

I spent a spectacular sundown at a “ritual” site that my friend Rolf and myself discovered in the woods.  When we came upon it at first, it felt like a ritual space to celebrate such celestial events as the Solstices.

Thus, my return today.  The sun “standing still” gave off some glorious shadow that provided room for my imagination, as to what events had originally taken place here…

What is this about, we asked one another.

And then, we saw the message:



Moonrise on the Winter Solstice, 2010

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It is a rare event to have a Full Moon on the Winter Solstice.  But something far more spectacular is happening this year: a total Lunar Eclipse of the Gemini Full Moon!  This Total Eclipse will be high in the sky, due to the Winter Solstice, and visible to Central and North America.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes on the ecliptic between the Sun and the Moon, which changes from  gray to orange to red and then passes into the Earth’s Shadow when the eclipse becomes total.

The Lunar Eclipse is in Gemini, and Mercury is retrograde while conjunct the Sun at the galactic center.

The eclipsed Moon gives humanity the opportunity to interconnect in the darkest moment of the longest night of the year — when the Earth passes between Luna and Sol.  This is known as the alchemical conjunctio, or the sacred marriage of opposites, the hieros gamos.

At the time of this eclipse, Venus makes her “last pass” to the  position, 13 degrees Scorpio, when stationary retrograde on September 12.

Venus is also rising just below the horizon at the time, above, when the eclipse is total.   In Scorpio, the Love Goddess is ruled by Pluto and Mars, passing out of a conjunction at the galactic center.   This eclipse brings up our deepest desires (Venus), as well as anger (Mars) that has been repressed or hidden, so we may experience in the dark our most primal emotions what we can’t or won’t face in the light.

The Lunar Eclipse chart makes a spectacular mutable cross.  The chart ruler, Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, is in the cross as part of a second house stellium straddling the galactic center, the signs Sagittarius (Mercury & Sun) and Capricorn (Mars & Pluto).  Athena is at the Winter Solstice point of zero Capricorn.   The emphasis here is the physical body.  As Pluto just conjoined Mars, this has been a combustible time in which our deepest feelings of woundedness and anger are being released so we may prepare for the New Birth!

The chart sends a loud and clear message: “EMBODIMENT!”  I have been thinking about this word all week, since two calls for proposals contained this word the past week:


Embody. Way back in the summer of 2008, I worked with an artist to create a logo representing my personal embodiment of a configuration that appeared between heaven and earth on my January 23, 1997 solar return. At the close of 2010, this word – embodiment — has become a theme for conferences and exhibitions.

Embodiment has been my goal since my 1983 kundalini awakening.  So much so that it became a professional pursuit; I have been an art reviewer since 1997 seeking evidence of a new spirit in the material.

What have I learned from this journey?  It isn’t enough to experience the awakening: the holistic orientation of a 360-degree perspective demanding to become grounded in our daily lives.

In 2001, when I started writing a memoir of my experience grounding my inner growth of consciousness through the reflection of art, I faced a literary challenge: how to incorporate the mythical and the real while defining a personal boundary of public and private?  By the time I published Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. 1 in November 2009, a new mythical reality had taken hold in the collective consciousness.  Instead of coming from the hierarchical top-down, it was arising from the grassroots where I discovered a new art movement and was being defined by social media and reality TV.

I created this blog to track my passage of my internal ®evolution in consciousness to the external public sphere.  On the year anniversary of the blog, I was invited to become a Huffington Post arts blogger.  This presented a new challenge: to write about Kundalini for the mainstream reader.  The transition was painful, as transitions are, but ultimately I feel a liberation that has brought me into contact with Leesa and her invitation to participate in her newsletter.

As I prepare for the New Year, 2011, I am systemizing an approach to healing that utilizes astrology as an embodiment tool.  This will be presented in the form of a workshop providing a consciousness pathway of embodiment for other individuals to join pioneering healers likeLeesa Skover-Filgate, who has been successfully incorporating the Aquarian Age goddess into her professional and personal life.

The last time there was a Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice was in 1638.  This was the year that Galileo, while under house arrest, introduced his principles of falling bodies and projectile motion.  By presenting the belief that the Earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun, he was condemned as a heretic who challenged the Christian cosmology.

And once again, the penetrating awareness which the Lunar Eclipse delivers of the alignment between the cardinal axis points (the solstices and equinoxes) reveals the power of seasonal cycles and planetary rotation on human consciousness.  This understanding of the interconnection of rotational orbits among the planets and their satellites is contained in the hyperdimensional model of physics

When all is in darkness, we find the inner light, the Promethean spark of knowledge which furthers our human evolution.


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Dianne Bowen’s “(R)evolution,” a drawing of sound, music, language infinite…                            (photo credit: Nikki)



Every chapter complete unto itself, yet integrated with the whole… (photo credit: Nikki)

Spiral as rotation, rotation, rotation…the end and the beginning…


Dianne Bowen drawing a red spiral, ancient symbol of life











…at Ground Zero (view from the window)


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Mars has gotten through the stress (Mars square Uranus stationary direct conjunct Jupiter) of making its identity known.  And is heading toward the abyss (conjuncting the North Node which triggers the lunar eclipse in two weeks) of the Great Mother.

Uranus goes direct at 8:51 PM.  This puts the chart ruler, the Sun, together with the Moon/Mars/Athena in the Sun’s home position, the 5th house of…




Uranus is the ruler of my Aquarius Sun and it goes direct EXACT on my Pisces Moon.  I had a dream that the artist Aaron Olshan hitched me to a harness and pulled me out of my comfortable seat to hurl me on the Landmark Building (where a Santa Claus is expected to climb down the facade today).   “I AM SCARED OF HEIGHTS!” I screamed as I resisted the pull.  I was to stake a claim with a flag containing the words Stag Queen inside a heart.

Now that the Pregnant Woman has given birth…

"Pregnant Woman" by Aldo Tambellini

…the entrance of the newly emerging hieros gamos thatI have tracked since 1997 into the collective consciousness via the World Wide Web is indeed swift!

Check out my post, “(R)evolution in Art and Physics: The All-Round Genius of Aldo Tambellini” and please contribute to the conversation with a comment that you can automatically disseminate to your Facebook network.

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The Roger Smith Hotel in the heart of Manhattan, Lexington Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets


The James Knowles sculpture guarding the entrance of the Roger Smith Hotel.

John Knowles, the son of the owners


And he demonstrates a new form of interactive art!




John Knowles' monitor: on the left, the astrology chart of the performance and on the right, the Seal of Solomon in Red



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As I write this, the new archetype of Venus has landed.   The First Gate of the Venus rise in the sign of Scorpio at the same degree as the 01 degree helical rise last month!  This is highly significant!

Neptune/Chiron Rising is about the new archetype of the feminine being grounded in the collective by way of the Capricorn stellium, Mercury on the North Node with Pluto in the eleventh house of the collective unconscious.  The Sun in Sagittarius is directly overhead, acting as a global publicist for mass dissemination via the Internet.  The keyword at this time is Truth!  Jupiter ruling the Midheaven is conjunct Uranus in the First House.

Venus reveals the Truth of what has been repressed.

Today marks the release of my year and a half investigation of Aldo Tambellini and a new model of hyperdimensional physics with the posting:

(R)evolution in Art & Physics: the All-Round Genius of Aldo Tambellini

Lisa Paul Streitfeld: (R)evolution in Art & Physics: The All-Round Genius of Aldo Tambellini

It couldn’t have happened any better if I had planned it.  Which, of course, I didn’t.  I have learned that the plans that Aquarius makes are bound to go array, so I stopped making them!

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A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST: From the Sublime to the Erotic…


At the time of this blog’s one year anniversary (the solar return chart is above), I was leaving John McWhinnie’s office at Glen Horowitz Bookseller and rushed down Madison Avenue for a meeting with Mei Ling Israel, dropping a letter about a new project along the way (I missed the intended time of drop off, in the above chart, by about 18 minutes).

The horse was all too apt for the Sun’s passage into Sagittarius…

The beginning of the week delivered such illumination about the necessary grounding I have achieved to fulfill my goals.  The dream was fulfilled at 2:07 AM today, November 26, when I got an e-mail informing me that I was the feature for the Huffington Post arts section,

Lisa Paul Streitfeld: The Erotic (R)evolution of Steven Klein


There is a strong message of “letting go” in this Solar Return chart.   Freedom.  Transcendence (Neptune on the MC).  A job well done.

The year looks good for business partnerships (Capricorn in the 7th house).  Strategizing.  Athena in Aries opposing Venus in Libra.


Is what happens once you let go.  The grand trine in Air between the Moon in Gemini, Neptune in Aquarius and Venus in Libra.

Grounding the vision (Sagittarius Sun and Mars in Sixth House) through writing.

And the happy tension between the elevated Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and Mars/Mercury on the angles.


The Lobby of the Gershwin Hotel

Mei Ling met me at the Gershwin Hotel and we walked a few blocks to the Indian market, discovering an Indian vegetarian restaurant along the way.  Over dinner, she handed me a bag of goodies — books by and about Adi Da Samraj.  She told me about her experience as his assistant.

Mei Ling Israel, former assistant to Adi Da Samraj

She interpreted my dream from her Adi Da Samraj holistic perspective.  In my language, the “flying object” has landed.  I reminisced about my first visit to a yogi, who was also a palm reader.  “When will I have any success?” I asked.  He replied: ‘When you get into your body.”

Yes, at last!  We were similarly convinced that Adi Da Samraj was behind this sudden evolution in my state of perfect beingness!   It seems that the push from the guru that I couldn’t accept if he was alive, is accepted in the due course of my finishing a cycle of the Ouroboros (my progressed Sun returning to my Natal Moon position) via his spirit!

Mei Ling handed me Adi Da’s last essay: “The Visual Realization of Insecurity and Truth.”  This gift had special meaning because the image on the cover, The Goddess of New York,  originated with her photo!   The airplane over her right eye, representing the left brain.

“In order to participate in Reality Itself, “point of view” (or ego-“I”) must be transcended — and, therefore, the illusion of separate “self” and all of its effort to “know,” to control, to dissociate, to size everything down must be transcended. “

— Adi Da Samra, “The Visceral Realization of Insecurity and Truth”


This feeling is beyond anything I have ever experienced — far beyond the opening of the crown — it is a complete feeling of integration and connectedness between heaven and earth that capped a week of illuminated dialogue with Dianne Bowen about the “falling away” (Scorpio) of this season revealing the sturdiness of the ground (Taurus) we are standing on.

This shift delivers me to a new definition for my profession, not as critic, but interpreter.  The same definition I give to “shaman.”

And speaking of Shaman, I passed from the sublime to the…erotic!


Neke Carson, who lords over Tuesday nights at the Gershwin

In an Max Blagg was performing his new publication, Slow Dazzle, within the scarlet walls of the Gershwin Hotel….

Max Blagg's performance of "Slow Dazzle" at the Gershwin Hotel on November 23, 2010

Sophie Matisse and Max Blagg at the Gershwin Hotel

Thus, fulfilling in one energy packed day, the promise of the Kundalni Daughter blog Solar Return, recapped here.

Max Blagg with his new text, "Slow Dazzle"

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