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New Moon in Aquarius, 9:51 PM February 13, 2010, Stamford, CT

What an wave of energy!  The Aquarian New Moon conjunct Jupiter and Chiron. Mystic Crystal Revelations.  Electrical Shock Waves.

Alexander McQueen Giving Form to the Dark Feminine

Shock indeed at the news of Alexander McQueen’s death.  An obvious case of Kundalini burnout.  Too much, too soon, too fast.  As soon as I saw the news with a picture of him on the cover of the New York Post with his pants down, I instantly knew he had a Pisces Moon, but I didn’t figure the conjunction with the Sun and Mercury, along with a Pluto opposition.  He plumbed the depths to bring up the face of the Dark Feminine.  Indeed, many of his models wore make -up which was like hideous masks.  But he found the beauty in the ugly and this served a higher purpose.

See all those purple lines going across the chart?  McQueen’s Moon opposition Uranus had plenty of support from his personal planets, like Jack Kerouac, who I wrote about in my last post.  Indicating genius due to its placement, an uncanny instinct (Moon) and imagination (Pisces) of self-expression (Fifth House) reflecting currents of the zeitgeist (Eleventh House).  Both these men had humble roots and traveled great emotional distances (Moon square Mars in Sagittarius) to connect with spiritual traditions (Kerouac was Breton and McQueen was Scot), yet unable to cut the umbilical chord to their mothers, a condition only heightened by the isolation of fame.  It is this feeling of isolation, along with Kundalini burnout, triggering their tragic end, when the constricting, depressive energy of Saturn opposes their Moon.

Kerouac, in fact, died in 1969 — the year that McQueen was born.  What Kerouac was running away from in his literature, McQueen was bringing into fashion forty years later. Eerie.

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