Critical Trilogy: Kundalini’s Daughter

a critic's millennial journey


The Full Moon peaked at 12:27 (see above chart), just before my first complete talk on my odyssey at Silvermine Arts Center.  The Neptune/Chiron conjunct the Ascendent was surely about the divine face of the feminine (Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces still in mutual reception, but not for long, is about the divine feminine (Neptune), at long last, entering the collective consciousness (Uranus) and this chart of a lunation at the critical degree of 29 Taurus/Scorpio, reveals it being done through art.   In fact, a philosophy (Mercury/Mars/MC in Sagittarius) of the spiritual feminine (Jupiter ruling the stellium conjunct Uranus in Pisces) made real (North Node/Pluto in Capricorn) through a modernist aesthetic (Saturn in Libra) of art (Venus in Libra).  The inconjunct between Jupiter/Uranus and Venus just moving forward reveals a sudden transformation (Venus in 8th house) that happened to be 27 years in the making!!

So, the overriding message here was…LET GO!!

The Bird is out of the gilded Cage, leaving the egg behind. Dianne Bowen's ancestral necklace that she wore to my talk/booksigning

What a shock to go out to the parking lot at 2 pm and experience such a feeling of emptiness!   Talk about fall away!  My talk was supposed to be starting and I have never seen the Silvermine parking lot so empty!  But then, I realized that I asked for it by making the time of the talk at the critical degrees of Sun at 29 degrees Scorpio and Moon at zero degrees Gemini.  Which gave it a 3 degree Aries Rising so close to the zero degrees rising of my natural chart.

Talk about a clearing out!  It signified an entirely new beginning for me.  And the intimate group that gathered was very supportive in this leap from the intimate comfort of the grassroots of wooded Connecticut, where my art reviewing was seeded and nurtured for over a decade, into the global blogsphere of Huffington Post.

The path crystalized when the shaman Suzanne Benton commented on my talk: “You really have founded an art movement…the route is the Web.”

This brought me full circle back to Dianne Bowen’s “Web” sculptural performance piece with Heins Kim on the Lower East Side.  In her symbolic language of interweaving of the feminine psyche into her interwoven structures, she was completing the dialectic underlying my spiritual journey, which was launched before the Web existed as a physical form of global communication!

Surely, this is not the trajectory I expected when I set out to write novels thirty years ago!  As I said in my talk, who could have imagined the Internet before it became a reality?  Who but the spiritual visionary that I commemorated through my alchemy of love?

For the observers of the Future,
the greatest event will be
the sudden appearance of a
collective humane conscience
and a human work to make.”

—Pierre Teilhard Chardin

Two interlocking triangles in the above chart.  The release of telling my story and having it so well received, by a group that served as a strong container for the spirit of this extraordinary Full Moon resulted in a powerful, physical dream.  I was in a house when it fell quite suddenly into an abyss.  I was very calm about this descent, feeling both inside and outside of the house when it happened.

It was clearly an archetypal dream, representing something far beyond the collapse of the housing market that my brother is tracking for the New York Times.  It represents the descent into spirit, the embodiment of the new feminine archetype that I have been now consciously writing about (since 1997) as long as I have been seeking (since my kundalini awakening in 1983).

This awareness of being at a crucial crossroads, entered my talk as a visual embodiment of a prophetic dream of Wolfgang Pauli, which I analyzed on my blog, as key to defining the art of the 21st century.

In the dream I drew an oscillation process beneath the window – actually two oscillations, one beneath the other.  By turning to the right from the curves, I try to see the time on the clock.  But the clock is too high, so that doesn’t work.  Then the dream continues.  The ‘dark unknown woman’ appears.  She is crying because she wants to write a book but cannot find a publisher for it.  In this book there is apparently a great deal of material on time symbolism – e.g., how a period of time is constituted when certain symbols appear in it.  And at the end of one page of the book, there are the following words, read aloud by the ‘voice’:  ‘The definite hours have to be paid for with the definite life, the indefinite hours have to be paid for with the indefinite life.’”

So, the feeling of being inside as well as outside the house was this internal acceptance of the hieros gamos, meaning the integration of spirit into matter, inner and outer, definite and indefinite, into a oneness that truly feels extraordinarily sublime!

Renaissance artist and former Silvermine Gallery Director, Vincent Baldassano

Jeffrey Mueller, Director of Silvermine Gallery

Kundalni's Daughters: Suzanne Benton (left) and Dianne Bowen

Kundalinis Daughters: the shaman Suzanne Benton (left) and art consultant Camilla Cook

Suzanne Benton, Vincent Baldassano, my editor Rolf Mauer and Dianne Bowe

Stephanie Joyce, my first unknown reader, now a friend!

Lisa Paul Streitfeld after her Silvermine talk/book signing

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THE FUTURE IS HERE: Michael Manning’s “Everyday Hero” at Silvermine


“The Light Bulb” (Everyday Hero)” by Michael Manning, 2009; 72 x 74″ acrylic and oil stick on canvas


m.manning- helping hand 96 x 144"  acrylic and oil stick on canvas

It was like lightning striking, as the work itself, on a deep unconscious level then (I didn’t look at the titles) and highly conscious level now during this posting (as I place the labels on the works),  delivered me full circle —


“Tape 1” (Everyday Hero) by Michael Manning, 2010.  Acrylic and oil stick on canvas.

…not just physically back to the site of my first newspaper art review in the spring of 2001; but to the completion of a journey begun in 1983 when I plunged into the Underworld of Argentina in chaos where I began writing autobiographical fiction in a seemingly endless role as …

6. michael manning the plumber 70 x 60 acrylic and oil stick on canvas-1

“The Plumber” (Everyday Hero) by Michael Manning, 2010; 70 x 6o” acrylic and oil stick on canvas-1

…to the female psyche.  I returned to Los Angeles in the late 1980s, and in the rootlessness of the desert environment, I ran around looking for a cure to the surcharge of kundalini energy (and its dis-ease of nonstop writing) from my 1983 awakening over my father’s casket.  My search gave me …

2a.michael manning priorty seating 84 x 80 acrylic and oil stick on canvas

“Priority Seating” (Everyday Hero) by Michael Manning, 2010; 84 x 80″, acrylic and oil stick on canvas

…at the  intersection between the big concept high-flying eighties and the inward pull of New Age metaphysics chronicled in my many writings.   Michael Manning, a Black Belt, is the most wonderful collaborator a woman could ask for.  Patient, wise, strong and focused — he brought the masculine support and stability of the…

2a. michael manning- right hand man- 58 x 68 acrylic and oil stick on canvas

…that I couldn’t even have imagined in my dreams.  It is because of him that I made it this far in the narrative to present the entire trajectory at Silvermine on Sunday, November 22, 2010:

Here is an excerpt from Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. I that I will be reading tomorrow under the full circle of this Full Moon prior to a humdinger of a lunar eclipse on the eve of the Winter Solstice:

When Joseph Campbell zoomed into the collective consciousness with the 1988 The Power of Myth television documentary series, I was working as a Hollywood script analyst. Follow your dream and you will be awakened. In search of the myth guiding the transition into the Age of Aquarius, the Dream Merchants sent a memo around about the cinematic arc of the Hero’s Journey. My mind was always pondering the Heroine’s Journey while combing through a weekly stack of scripts that were progressively becoming more misogynistic.

At this time, Cosmic Ray entered my life. This barefoot hippie revolved around the Los Angeles astrology constellation with his personalized star charts. “You don’t use these myths,” he would tell his clients, many of them working in the film industry. “The myths use you.”

In renouncing the traditional wheel to establish his own method of forecasting from linear star maps of the heavens drawn in allegorical images, Cosmic Ray was a radical. He gave readings from long pieces of grey cardboard covered with the outlines of figures personifying the constellations in space. He placed the planets on a line, representing the ecliptic plane. The path was drawn through these mythical characters, like stationary actors on a movie screen awaiting the passage of a wanderer, or planet orbiting the Sun, to dial up an internal e-motion. And like the planets, the Sun also moves on an ecliptic through the ring of constellations known as the zodiac, which gives us our solar year.

Children, he would say, look at his maps and pull out their familial stories by pointing to the pictures – Andromeda, the chained princess, for their charming yet helpless mother who expects others to come to her rescue, or the romantic dreamer in a musician brother born under Orpheus and ignited by love as Venus passed by.

At the time of stumbling into this intriguing character at an astrology workshop in Los Angeles, I had begun my personal quest in earnest and was eager to learn my myth so I could, well, use it.

“How do we recognize our myth?”

This book and blog, and all  my writing both fictional and non-fictional, is an answer to the above question.  With the stroke of a shamanic interpreter between realms, Michael Manning brilliantly sums it in his iconic image of the hero(ine)’s journey, integrating text and image into a sacred marriage of masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, dark and light.
This series places his genius at the forefront of a newly emerging movement of an ascending paradigm which I have tirelessly sought to filer through my body as a blogger!

“Hero’s Path”  (Everyday Hero) by Michael Manning, 2010; collage, acrylic and oilstick

BRAVO Michael, and a bountiful and wondrous Solar Return to you tomorrow, under the Full Moon when I will be delivering our personal mythical journey as collaborators into a universal narrative!!



Michael Manning at his opening of “Everyday Hero” at Silvermine Gallery in September, surrounded by fellow image makers. He, among men, knows that the female is the image maker and he has feminine energy to spare!

Michael Manning:  Artist Statement

Throughout my life I have been attracted to the stories I have encountered in mythology and religion, and this has been expressed in much of my work. At an early age I questioned the meaning and purpose behind these stories and the messages they were imparting. Initially I rejected them, but through exploring them more deeply in my work and in my life, I came to truly appreciate how diversity yet similar these stories and their messages were.

My paintings began to use stories within mythology, along with my perspective of right and wrong, as a framework for addressing current issues faced by society. While my use of mythology has been vital, my current work has established a more immediate relevance. I’ve been able to deal more directly with issues of morality, mortality, and injustice. With the use of traditional mythology as a foundation, I see the new work as a kind of new mythology—new stories, commenting on current issues. These stories have been constructed from my individual point of view, but with universal significance and meaning.

The current series of paintings I am working on focuses on a central archetypal hero figure that uses the traditional hero pattern, laid out by Joseph Campbell as a starting point for many of the paintings. With the traditional hero pattern as a background, the traditional deeds and adventures of the hero are substituted with events found in everyday life. The end results are narrative paintings that use allegorical images to show every day events as equivalent to the actions of a classic mythological hero.


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Venus rules the chart and is firmly in the Sixth House ,which rules process, the self-perfection of Virgo in preparation for the Seventh House of the public and relationship.  The Sixth House is feminine in that it rules the craft of art and the body — as in the embodiment of a new archetype of the feminine (Uranus conjunct Jupiter changing direction in Pisces).

It’s significant to have Taurus Rising in the chart for Venus’ change in direction.  Particularly now, as it places Vesta precisely on the descendent conjunct the Scorpio Sun, which is telling us to take back our projections (Sun square Neptune)  and look within (Sun/Vesta trine Jupiter/Uranus) to find Her.

Significantly, She is hiding in plain sight — raring to emerge from the collective unconscious (Moon in Aries in the 12th house) fiery red, a symbol of her passion to show her face without compromise!

I can’t resist but post this image that the uncompromising painter Grace Roselli sent me last night.  Notice the red button on the motorcycle.  Grace has long used the motorcycle as a metaphor for the Kundalini power and this pigment linking the heart with the flaming red hair, the eager mouth and starter button — all transmitting the message of Venus turning direct under the Aries Moon!   Venus is tomboyish with the residue of her previous incarnation in Aries as She resurrects into the Scorpio incarnation intact, with a gap between her teeth revealing her zesty appetite for life and reconstruction, in the midst of the chaos and destruction of the breakdown of the patriarchal culture.

“Zina World” 2010 by Grace Roselli

The Moon’s trine to Athena (sandwiched between Mars and Mercury) has greatly helped this process of Emergence.   The Sagittarius alignment  is broadening the vision in anticipation of the highly intense Full Moon on Sunday.

The Full Moon clearly states a New Mythology in Art due to the Neptune on the Ascendant in Aquarius in a T-Square with the Moon (Taurus) opposition Sun (Scorpio) at 29 degrees.  This last degree in the fixed signs is crucial, emphasizing the urgency of delivery.  There is no time to waste now, as the next Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse on the eve of the Winter Solstice!

What does this mean for our personal lives?  The Winter Solstice is at the Galactic Center where Pluto has been passing for some years now.  And now, the line-up of the Sun, Moon and Earth with the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy impacts the human like a falling inward to the abyss we have been used to filling with material goods.  Do we fight it or simply surrender and enjoy the ride into our deepest selves?   Our attitude is the key.

This upcoming month of the Sun passing through Sagittarius will shine the light to the end of the tunnel; this is where we look to artists to show us the way.  And as a beginning to this process of communicating a new mythology in art, I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of this blog with a November 21 talk at Silvermine Arts Center: “Shamanism in Contemporary Art: A Universal Narrative.”

In the meantime, I will finish out Kundalini’s Daughter’s first year with an interpretation of the recent exhibitions of two pioneering artists in my talk — Marni Kotak and Michael Manning — that bring this new mythology into crystallization…

… in due time for this humdinger of an Eclipse!

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Sunset, November 8, 2010

At sunset on November 8, I walked from the Hudson River to the Lower East Side.  At  Culture Fix Gallery on Clinton Street, curator Aaron Thompson was closing his Five Years of Keeping the Artistic Flame Alive: studios: a retrospective.

Gallery view of studios: a retrospective."" at Culture Fix Gallery on Clinton Street, LES; At left is a 2008 collaborative painting from Mind-f-Art by Dimtry Gubin and Sen One and on right is an installation of studies from "Wiretap" by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim (2008) beside the red cables from its current genesis "The Web."

Located in a cozy space in the back of a Spanish bar with great food, the exhibition was replete with symbolism appropriate to the last organic movement in Lower Manhattan, which is well on the way to becoming  fully re-gentrified.  At 202 Rivington Street, Thompson created a multi-level outdoor artspace/studio from an abandoned lot, with a New Paradigm intention:  “carving a sacred space for artists of Today, and Tomorrow.”

"Twist her" by Thompson, 2006

"The Web" by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim

"The World Famous Jamaican Lounge Tiki Bar" built by Thompson in 2006

"Xanadu Moons Tree "was created by Thompson for the HOWL Festival 2005): Here it is being wheeled down the street for the festival.

“Determined to bring a full spectrum of color to the inhibiting urban wasteland,” Aaron Thompson’s message streamed out from 202 Rivington: “to question the survival of artists, and art itself, in an environment of ceaseless gentrification, where the simple but essential human messages of expression and existence are often lost.”  His motto: “Reality is the canvas, Dreams are the paint. All are welcome:  to look, or to participate. The future will be illuminated.”

Dianne Bowen and her husband, Rein Maekask

Dianne & Aaron

Aaron Thompson: "The goal: to create a living time capsule of what once was, a lasting footprint that has been transformed by history and time. The Future will be illuminated."


My contribution to the exhibition, written on the blackboard in the bathroom

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Dianne Bowen’s “The Web”

“Wire Tap”, site specific installation, “The Web” (reconstruction- physical study II above) by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim, at Culturefix Gallery Clinton Street, NYC. Materials List; 1,000 feet Ethernet cable and stripped casing, 200 feet thin copper wire, steel small nails, shadows

Dianne Bowen is unclassifiable as an artist and a person.  She transcends all categories and therefore, it was fitting that her latest installation was titled, quite simply for a complex collaborative (with Heins Kim) performance sculpture work, The Web, at Culturefix Gallery on Clinton Street.  Mapping a topography deeper into the original Five Points of Manhattan, her  new study utilizes the sacred geometry of the pentagram as an ongoing genesis of her 2008 Wire Tap installation, below.

Dianne Bowen & Heins Kim, "Wire Tap", site-specific installation (physical study I) studios Rivington Street NYC . Materials List; 2,500 steel dress pins, 200 feet heavy gauge copper phone wire, 150 feet steel elevator cable, 5 canvas panels, roughly 4,000 feet of varied data and thin phone wire, astro turf, rock, 3 ipods and mini speakers, downloaded sounds, found cassette tape, 200 used guitar wires donated from various musicians, tape, hot glue, 4 light ropes, 3 packages of ceramic capacitors and shadows.

Although the genesis of the work took place before we met in 2008, the rich meaning of The Web, from its red spiral to the five points of contact  is integral to the purpose of this blog. Though I haven’t yet made a fully conscious interpretation of a work that has such a profound unconscious impact on my critical journey, I expect it will come in time.   For now, I refer to the artist’s statement:

“Wire Tap” examines the lines of communication and infinite conversations through which information bounces faster than the speed of light within a border less global community. The work explores the process of this conversation decoding, translating what and how we listen to these audible and inaudible sounds. Information is concealed or revealed by discretion mending and repairing itself disguised as stealth.  An envelopment of wires as metaphor to close or create connection to multiple and diverse dialogue between existing decay and the fabricated Utopia that attempts to coexist.” Creating the work to encompass the entire 200 square foot area, the central web connected to the original decaying wiring and walls and ascended two stories upward on the fire escape.


“Original Studies” photograph series documenting the 2008 installation of “Wire Tap” on Rivington Street

The fragile lines of the wires and shadows cast spread through the environment as salacious covert connections crawling out from the structure originating from 5 points within the space.

Eventually the casing is stripped and the wires are woven into a web that connects to each of the four walls.


Beginning from the ceiling, the red cased wires nested in a nitch in the skylight.

The Casing cascades down the wall...

...into a pile on the floor referencing an organic circulatory system in the process of a hidden virus enveloping the space.

The web as metaphor found in both nature and technology as a structural system of order appears to degrade and unravel. Removing the work from the space by delicately snipping each of the four connecting lines with tiny sewing scissors the viewer is now witness to it’s death.

Covering the walls in cotton duck canvas, in a skin like reference it was cut and sewn as if a surgical wound in varied states of healing. Hidden beneath, the original decaying walls, wires and a barred bricked up window; phone wires are delicately pulled apart and pinned back together. Salaciously crawling along the walls they peep out from the incisions and seams behind the stretched canvas. The process alludes to ease dropping a covert action to obtain information. Multi color phone and data wires wind through a grid made from alternating black and red thin phone wires that become the central web . Sections of wire are burned and spliced exposing the copper cores. Used guitar wires wrap, dangle and connect wire to wire. Pristine green astro turf covers the floor, a man made fantasy of growth. Found cassette tape threaded through wires lightly moves as you pass. A conversation no longer available discarded and unwanted.

The hand woven central web holds the work together; each line connected every other in the piece. A series of downloaded conversations and sounds are heard from 3 points in the work through mini speakers connected to hidden ipods. These mini speakers dangle in the air at a heights just low enough to make the viewer bend in to hear. The sound level is barely audible until you put the speaker to your ear. The Central web holds one speaker embedded in its center.

The recordings are seals defending their territory, whales, and a prank call from a comedian telling a women she will not be getting her social security check. The intricate patterns of wires with live sound flowing through them give life to the work. It literally speaks to the viewer privately through these devices as the public at large can barely hear.

On first glance the work is almost invisible. Closer examination reveals highly detailed and complicated spaces and lines of connection throughout the space-canopied overhead. Light ropes behind the work begin to show through as day turns to night. Evolving over the course of each day, cast shadows offering another layer of hidden lines. Weather conditions begin to age the canvas and rust exposed wires, the ipods are disconnected, and the viewer once active participant is now witness to its process of death.

In a world on information overload and constant virtual connection with little or no barrier what and how we hear becomes one of the most important questions in our time.

“Can You Hear Me? I am here”

Pyramid at the Heart of the Pentagram in a close up of "Wire Tap" by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim"Wire Tap" by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim

Dianne Bowen

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Dianne Bowen is a multi-media artist living and working in the East Village, NY for over 18 years. She studied at the School of Visual Arts, NY, independent research in Estonia, Ireland, Finland and the United States 2000-2004 and completed a residency at Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, NY in 2008. Her work is shown both nationally and internationally as well as reviewed in publications in print, on-line, live radio interview and a documentary on 10 artists in their studio “Art in Dialogue” screened at the Museum for New Art Parnu, Estonia in 2006. Bowen’s work was also featured in Art in America, June/July 2007 “Girls, girls, girls” by Carey Lovelace pg. 90. and ARTslant NY 2010, “On the Edge at Fountain” by Natalie Hegert Pick of the month for March. A book on her work “Back to the Beginning And Begin Again..” with foreword by Peter Duhon Jr. was released September 30, 2010.

Heins Kim

Heins Kim was born and raised in Southern California to Korean-immigrant parents from Germany. He works in painting, sculpture, and installation.  Kim has shown and has curated shows in Los Angeles and New York, and included in a group show at The Pelham Art Center in Pelham, New York in which his work was published by “The New York Times”

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“Pan” self-portrait by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, from “Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. I”

I had a surprise call from John Knowles last Saturday.  I was driving back from the beach when he called and I pulled into a parking lot to speak with him, and before I knew it, I was an hour late in picking up my mother from a party!   He told me about his new  “Pan” project and I was surprised that he didn’t know that Pan and Saturn were inextricably link.  And, my complete loss of time, in fact, revealed the connection.   Giving oneself over to Pan is a defiance of Saturn, the father of time.  But truly, Saturn as Time, meaning linear Time, is an invention of the patriarchy.

In explaining the relationship, I recalled the role that  Pan played on my journey to bring the Ouroboros back into art, recounted in Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol.I:


Freedom!  Psyche ventures out of the castle for the first time.  As she runs to embrace the wind, a path to the mountain beckons and she follows her instinct to climb.  She sees a figure by the stream.  Human or animal?  It is both.  Could it be Pan, the bearded goat-god?

It is unmistakably Pan.  She has seen images of his colossal hairy phallus.  And she hears the shrieking of the nymphs in the water.  One by one, they come to the shore and playfully stroke and lick his penis.

“My dear, lovely Psyche, what brings you to my magical spring on this stunning day?  Come and tell how you managed to survive the death curse of that wicked Aphrodite.”

He points to the footbridge and Psyche crosses over.

The footbridge is significant.  It is the crossing point between the real and the mythical.  Indeed, as I prepare for my “homecoming” talk at Silvermine Guild Arts Center on November 21, I am tracing back over the myth of Psyche and Eros as my bridge to embracing, and therefore overcoming, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle,   Here I read, while creating the Wikipedia link, that the ancient Greeks considered Pan to be the god of theatrical criticism.  Indeed, I started writing theatrical criticism when Pan crossed me over the bridge from making the psychopomp (below), to becoming one!


“La Parca, the bridge” by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, from “Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. I”


Pan appeared, in fact, under the Full Moon that I learned I was going to have to self-publish the book.  It was in the physical form of bricolagekitchen’s “Pan-demonium”  at AC Institute.  So, for me Pan, the lusty god of shepherds and the flocks, was integral to the bridge I had to cross, again and again, between an artist devoted to the unconscious energies and a critic shepherding a new movement from the grassroots.

So, it was in the natural order of things that John, who was just out of college when we met in 2005 at his family’s Roger Smith Hotel, would adopt Pan as his mascot during the course of our collaborations, eventually resulting in his Panman Productions.  John has been participant in popularizing my art theory from the moment I met him and his ever-present video camera in the storefront Lab Gallery of the Roger Smith Hotel, whose director,  Matt Semler, made me a open guest at the weekly banquets which provided the rectangular structure for a new art dialectic, and later hosted by year-long shamanic project,  The Alchemy of Love: In Five Elements.

John is one of those fortunate souls who was born in 1982, when Jupiter aligned with Saturn in Libra, also known as the Reagan era.  This group is now coming into their Saturn Return and long ago I was given hope, as I was struggling through the obscurity of my underground labyrinth, that this group would be my readers.  Thus, the creative experiment of John’s new collaborative project, “Pan.”  I agreed to participate by writing this post.

I was surprised at his surprise when I told him that Pan was actually Saturn.  He was the mythological impetus for chaos and the breakdown of structure, which is where the word pandomonian comes from.  Indeed, when Pan entered my book in the physical form of Aaron Olshan, I was faced with the opposing forces of chaos/structure rolled into one package, an artist of a new Ouroboric era who lives his creation.

Now, having read all of Nietzsche as well as Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickenson, I was aware of the Apollonian vs. Dionysian cross impulses in art as the dynamic tension in which a new order arises out of chaos.  The challenge before me was to navigate a center between these opposites, Uranus and Saturn, the co-rulers of my Aquarian sun sign. This required traveling the shamanic path, as taught to me by the masters and I knew it meant a frequent embrace with…


The cookie I chose from Kate Latona’s “The ‘Eat My Problems’ Bake Exchange.”  at AC Institute on the eve before my Saturn driven breakdown of October 16; The agreement was to exchange the cookie for a card with an obstacle to be removed; my obstacle was “Obscurity.”

To do that, I had to turn to my training as a shaman, entering into the future via the fourth dimension, to make it happen.  It was Susanna Cuyler,who presented this as words of wisdom “defying the gods” as well as a physical synchronicity.

Suxanna Cuyler’s “Juxtaposition” of October 17, which brought our nearly year-long collaboration to a resounding close.

She handed me one of her signature “juxtapositions” she was creating as I went through the breakdown in her apartment, the very spot where I initiated my Winter Solstice book launch in an obscure, sparsely attended, reading with Susanna and my most rapt reader, Aaron.  This full circle with Susanna came right on the heels of my Devil’s pact — the exchange of my written wish (to remove my obstacle of “Obscurity”) for the DEATH cookie.  It was indeed a full scale psychic release that took form, as is typical at this stage, in an art project.  This was so appropriate that it immediately lightened my dark mood.

“A Dutiful Scivener” Angel Nevarez and Valerie Teveke’s video interview with Bill McDonald, Obituary Editor of the New York Times, installed in The Last Newspaper at the New Museum.

But, as I told John, I couldn’t have successfully achieved this without Saturn, which in my

chart is about understanding the very structure that is now revealed by the planet itself, written into a my September 19 post of blackmadonna2009.

To do this, I discovered the hard way, is a Promethean act, defying the gods, as my Capricorn friend, Susanna reminded me when she handed me the work she had created(above), when I was experiencing the crisis which led to the leap I just made, blogging for the Huffington Post, and therefore bringing this year=long experiment in blogging as the bridge to deliver a new movement my personal consciousness to the collective consciousness.  The sign appeared in a tarot reading before I left for Dublin, to deliver my paper, “Applying the Heisenberg Principle to 21st Century Art.”

Saturn is the birth canal.  It creates pressure, the crystallization of structure that has been growing with the birth of a new seed.  Everything that is born must come from a seed, whether it is human life from the semen or organic life.  The Greeks understood this, which is why they made the sign for Capricorn, the ruler of Saturn, the sea goat.  The quality of the body and its dissolution, forming and reforming, is what establishes the new structures.  Capricorn is a feminine sign, as the Pagans well knew, ruling the end of the growing season as well as the death and rebirth of the Sun at the Winter Solstice.

Aldo Tambellini, from “The Seed” series; four rules the quaternity, stability and structure

The Mercury Ingress chart for Sagittarius was key, as it had the Moon EXACTLY conjunct my natal Saturn on the descendent.  Well, I have always heard astrologers say that the Moon is the trigger for fated, or conversely destined, timings.  And this certainly was the case here.  I sent an e-mail to the arts editor of Huffington Post at this precise moment:

And the response was immediate.  Her magical words: “What are we waiting for?”

Two days later, I was launched as an official Huffington Post blogger, the fulfillment of a wish made  in exchange for the devilish cookie, I had to write down an obstacle to be removed.

And so it is.

Susanna Cuyler’s final “juxtaposition” of October 15, which represented for me the final card of the tarot, the World.

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Kalliopi Minioudaki honoring her ancestor, a Minoan High Priestess, from her native Crete 

In 1992, I met a shaman, the adopted son of the son of Black Elk, who set me on the path that is culminating, at last, after an excruciating 18 year journey. He told me that we have never seen the  true face of the feminine because she has been in exile for so long.  He took me to my first Native American sweatlodge, where I saw her face arising from the womb of the Great Mother, the inipi. And that was it!  I was on my journey!

This Full Moon is powerful.  In New York City, the chart has a 23 degree Leo Rising with the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius on the descendent.  Opposite the natal chart of this blog (which will have a one year anniversary  on November 23), it provides me with the personality I have been seeking: one that integrates pop and a new daring of intuitive feminine intellect that dares to wear high heels and jeans at a panel!

The Face of the Feminine: Neptune/Chiron Rising in Aquarius with the Lunation in the sign of Scorpio, the dark feminine

In New York City, with the Lunation in the Third House,  this New Moon in Scorpio is, ironically, about communication.  The dynamism of the opposites and the WILL (Leo Sun) to present the feminine face Neptune (conjunct Chiron) in Aquarius as a mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces.   This mutual reception won’t be in existence much longer, as Uranus will return back to Aries and Neptune will be in its home sign of Pisces by next spring.  So, this is a crucial opening with a “look before you leap, and she who hesitates is lost” mood indicated in the fear that is obstructing (Saturn in Libra) the call for commitment, crystallization of the new paradigm (holistic) forms by the North Node in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in the Fifth House of creativity and fame.

The chart above is marked by a Yod to the Midheaven in Taurus, the sign ruling art as well as beauty.  The two legs of the yod are Venus in Libra (which rules the aesthetic of art) and Mars in Sagittarius in the Fourth House of personal truth.  So, here the personal myth transforms (Jupiter ruling Mars in the Eighth House of death and resurrection) into the universal, a crucial passage for the ascent of the “face of the feminine.”

I spent the Dark Moon last night with Kalliopi Minioudaki, whose given name in her native Greek means “beautiful of face.”

She is a native of Crete who has excavated the “face of the feminine” in Pop Art, coining the term,  “protofeminist” as well as a new postfeminist dialectic in contemporary art!

Appropriately, for what has been a very magickal journey, we met through this open door in the silver lobby of the Gershwin Hotel guarded by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn.

“Factory Craze: Week of Andy Warhol” February 19-23, 2007 at the Gershwin Hotel, NYC.  Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Prince of Pop” celebrating the 30 year anniversary of

Presently, she is co-curator of a crucial exhibition, Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists 1958-1968 at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Gallery for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum.

This to was magically fitting, that we connected again, one month later, at the March 23, 2007  of the Sackler Gallery’s premiere exhibition, “Global Feminisms” co-curated by her adviser, Linda Nochlin, famous for her essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” evoked in the introduction to the Women Pop Artists catalog by curator Sid Sachs.

On that occasion, Kalliopi was wearing a heart-shaped Marilyn T-Shirt, announcing, by her strong persona, a new era in which intellectuals are no longer afraid to tackle the Pop culture!

Kalliopi Minioudaki in her Marilyn T-Shirt at the “Global Feminisms” preview in March, 2007

Such a willful resurrection of the” face of the feminine’ makes this exhibit so crucial to the restoration of the hieros gamos as a unifying icon to a renewed holism in art.

In an October 30 panel at the Brooklyn Museum revealed that Kalliopi Minoudaki:


Minioudaki on Women, Beauty & Pop. Good Point!!!



How dare she take pleasure in her own? Juxtaposing Axel with Wesselemann.


The panel turning their heads to see Minioudaki’s slide, “Feminism Turned its Back to Pop Art”

Minioudaki restores eroticism to feminist art through an evolutionary intellect — the marriage of  feminine intuition with masculine decisiveness.  The energy of pleasure and aliveness just jumps off these “protofeminist” works, as it does from the woman who brought them together, first in her Ph.D. thesis and then for this show.

A feast for the eyes, the supereroticism of “Seductive Subversion Woman and Pop 1958-1968” on view through January 9, 2011, at the Brooklyn Museum


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An artist  e-mailed me.

What’s Venus up to these days? Clothes on? No clothes on?

This prompted me to do the chart for her helical rise as Morning Star before dawn tomorrow, (November 5).  The helical rise is when Venus is at her brightest.

Venus has been in the Underworld since turning retrograde on October 8 at 13 degrees Scorpio.

It is a rainy day here and there will be clouds tonight, but tomorrow at dawn, if it were to be clear, we could see Venus rise as the Morning Star.  She rises in the dark moon, as the New Moon is just after midnight.  So, she is alone without the Crescent Boat to support her on a new journey.  Supported by the Dark Moon, she is soooo mysterious.  She has much to say but her mouth is silent.  Rather, her art speaks for her.

My friend was wondering what would be a good date in March for her debut of a new project.  Well, what would be a better date than the Vernal Equinox, so I looked up the time and did the chart.   And wow!

What is really astounding me, in real time as I write this, is the realization that in New York City both charts — the Venus Helical rise conjunct the Moon and the Vernal Equinox — have the EXACT degree rising!  Which means the NEW (Uranus conjunct the Sun at the moment of the astrological New Year) is indelibly linked to the artists  rising from Underground at the time of her helical rise on November 5.

I suspect that imbedded in this pattern that the magic thread between Inanna and myself has uncovered  is a ready made myth communicated through an e-mail.  Inanna, rising but still in retrograde motion is in her Mother’s Garden, tending to the Persephone consciousness as she finishes up her artistic offering for the Vernal Equinox,  when the (r)evolution hits home!  The Sun aligning with Uranus at 0 degrees Aries!

What gift (Moon in Libra) does Venus bring for the collective (Moon conjunct Saturn)?  The chart says the beauty, an authentic radiant inner beauty, is emanating from the very essence of the persona (First House) of those who have made the underground journey to embody her!!

This is just a taste of the magick I experience with Inanna.   I had been excavating the ancient Sumerian love goddess for 20 years.  And through her musical journey we understand that embodying this powerful archetypal energy is not simply a destination, but a journey!’

Venus at helical rise is 10 degrees from the Sun.  Mythologically, it represents Venus entering the light of a new archetype.  This cycle is Scorpio, and she was last here in 2002.  When she enters the First Gate on December 2, she will no longer be naked.  She is in the same degree as she was at Helical Rise but has the extra month as preparation for a new journey, ushered in protection of the Crescent of the waning Moon.

This is a spectacular chart!  And utterly ironic!  I wrote above, before seeing the chart, that she would no longer be naked.  I sensed something significant when I saw the timing: almost Noon, meaning the Sun is directly overhead, though at a low angle as it approached the Winter Solstice.

No longer naked to the world,  that is, but completely naked in a deeply sexual relationship.  A real (Saturn) partnership (Libra), a Sacred Marriage (Scorpio in the Eighth House) which redefines a holy union for a new modern age, that is a sexual intercourse that is balanced and equal.  Yes, this seems to be a dream (Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Aquarius on the ascendant)  but it is real!  It has to be real, with Saturn, the planet of Karma, in the sign of relationship.  This model that Venus will show us in her rise is a relation that shifts the collective consciousness (the alignment of Mercury/Pluto/North Node.  There will be plenty of publicity with Sun on Midheaven in Sagittarius, aided by Mars and boosted by Pallas Athena, the publicity strategist!

This Scorpio cycle is about the rise, at long last, of the humans becoming conscious of the kundalini power and incorporating it into their bodies, their relationships and the culture itself.  The approach is strong as Aries but couldn’t be any different: Aries was all about movement; this is about stillness.

So what do I tell Inanna?    There is time, I tell her in my e-mail response, time until Venus goes direct on November 17.  Feisty for action, she will be in the Virgo House of Work, work, work –  getting her various body parts together — because she has to content with a fiery Moon, ravenous to live (Aries) the New that is still in the collective unconscious, yet is awaiting her journey to and beyond the Spring Equinox for manifestation.

With an excitable inconjunct to the hidden Aries Moon,
Venus is in a hurry to shift her direction and come out
with her global vision (Sagittarius stellium in 7th House)!

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Sahmain: Connecting Venus and Persephone with the Moon

La Parca in Potter's Field, 1999

Last year I was at the origin of the holiday, at Tara in Ireland.  This year, I took a country ride to purchase a pair of Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs to plant at the dawn of the pagan New Year.  Afterwards, I took walk in the woods at dusk, when the veil was lifted between the visible and invisible worlds.  I didn’t encounter any ghosts on the trail past Potter’s Field, where I originated my La Parca project (above), which found its way into Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. I.

Along the garden path of the adjoining Bartlett Arboretum, I entered what felt to me like a sacred space during the final aspect of the Moon (see chart, below).

I meditated under this glorious energy, Moon opposing Neptune/Chiron, on the shamanic archetype of attraction.  Venus, naked and shivering, in the Underworld, preparing mentally for her Emergence as Morning Star in the sign of Scorpio.  Below, are my insights, spoken in the voice of Venus:

Having had intercourse with the Sun last Thursday, I know my surrender is complete. I have made the transition to the archetype of Scorpio, the priestess at the temple, the well of ancient wisdom.  I now trust this process of equal partnership, authentic collaboration between the duality of male and female, to deliver the message of my return.  When I arise, in five days, I will not be alone.  I carry with me my manifesto, the creative child of this Underworld collaboration.

As I listened to the voice of Venus right there in the circle, I realized that I did, in fact, honor the cosmic marriage  (chart below) last Thursday through an intense rewriting of my essay on Aldo Tambellini, in which I placed his (r)evolutionary art within my theory of the hieros gamos. And, in fact, my editor, John Wronoski, is an earthly partner in this marriage by enforcing the integration of male structural logic and irrefutability with my female intuition that initially channeled the writing!  Which just goes to show that you externalize what you need to do the job that the universe requires of you!

Venus Interior Conjunction with the Sun

This chart, above, reveals a structure (North Node/Pluto in Capricorn ruled by Saturn on the 5th house cusp) for relationship (seventh house) made extremely dynamic by the exact Sun/Venus conjunction in the fifth house of creativity conjunct Vesta and Mercury!  The rising Moon in Cancer is in a harmonious trine to Uranus/Jupiter and inconjunct Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius (opposing the Moon before it went Void of Course this evening at Samhain).

A day full of illumination triggered by the integration of the pagans within the traditional structure of UUIS service, rather than the ritual in the circle.

This is what I wrote in the “sacred circle.”

I just purchased two paperwhite Narcissus bulbs.  Persephone is in united with Venus as she surrenders to her underground capture tonight.   Venus, having mated with the Sun, will show the feminine soul the passage to female empowerment.  Tonight she embraces the paradox: it is through the sacred marriage that she arrives at the full externalization of the inner archetype of the sacred marriage.  Tonight she descends to fully surrender to the natural process and embrace the darkness, at the Winter Solstice she begins her ascent.  This year, there will be a lunar eclipse on the eve of the Winter Solstice, making her journey all the more crucial.  Yes, the roadmap is laid out tonight.   This week, she puts on her robe, the appearance of a new archetypal energy.   But tonight she is still shivering in the cold.  She knows her life is about to change.  But how?  Marriage after she surfaces in the spring, yes. But to whom?   Is it possible to begin an entirely new life while still in this one?  Is it possible to be so renewed by love as to be young again?   As if I died and was reborn, yet without the physical pain of transition?    But isn’t this the metaphysical definition of the hieros gamos, where two merge into one — and the flower that blooms in winter — the harbinger of what is to come!  Instead of death as a finality, as in the old paradigm, death revolves into life.  RENEWAL!!!

Venus Moon Conjunction at the Helical Rise of Venus

She has five days of naked exposure before putting on her robe, at the first gate of her Return, which incredibly, falls at helical rise, November 5th, a mere 20 hours before the New Moon.  What a sequence!  First, Samhain, the passage into the pagan New Year (which I am honoring through ritual in the writing of this post); and then the combination of the first Venus/Moon conjunction at helical rise (Venus 10 degrees from the Sun) where we can see Venus at her brightest, as the Morning Star (Lucifer); and finally the New Moon  (below).   With the Leo ascendent, the New Moon is ruled by the Sun conjunct Moon in the Third House of communication.

This chart (below) reveals the entire three-step sequence ( Samhain, Helical Rise and New Moon) is about a meaningful (Scorpio) and coherent (Saturn) communication (third house) of a newly emerged archetype of the sacred marriage (Saturn in Libra ruling North Node conjunct Pluto in Capricorn).

With my Mercury (11 degrees Capricorn) squaring Saturn (11 degrees Libra) directly overhead during the final lunar aspect of Samhain (Moon opposing Neptune in Aquarius), the message for me is extremely clear.  Publish the manifesto  or…


The New Moon (in the third house) delivers the vehicle, providing the deed* is done!

How this for a New Paradigm approach to a manifesto of a New Paradigm!!!???

The necessity of imaging the deed as done, and acting in a manner appropriate to this resolution, while still in the process of struggling with the birth!

It seems to me that this is how the gods have protected this knowledge from arising before its time: the midwife of the message has to be fully embodying the message in order to make the delivery!!  She, in fact, delivers the wholly new Self to replace the decaying image of the uncooperative, uncompromising self of the distrustful female genius!  This process of shedding skins is reflected in the heavens by the absence of the brightest star, Venus, who is naked and vulnerable in the underworld.

* Pluto/North Node of the New Archetype (moving the Uranus/Jupiter out of the 12th house of the collective unconscious on Samhain to the New Moon flowing trine from the 8th house of partnership to Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th house of personal mythology)


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Aries Full Moon: Edgar Cayce Channeling the New Paradigm

This Full Moon in Aries is the second Aries Full Moon this year; the first occurred on the Fall Equinox.  Here we have the Moon at two critical degrees in the first sign of the zodiac, representing birth: 0 (beginnings) and 29 (endings).  The power of these critical degrees is emphasized by the North Node/Pluto conjunction on the Galactic Center,  energized by the upcoming eclipse on the Winter Solstice.

In New York City, the Full Moon chart for September 23 (left) had the lunation across the east-west axis, the first and seventh houses representing self and relationship.  This Full Moon has the lunation across the fifth and eleventh houses, the individual vs. the collective.  The North Node/Pluto was in the  the 4th house of the subconscious before; and now it is almost exactly on the seventh house cusp, in conjunction with Ceres, the nurturing Mother Goddess.  The separation (opposition) of self from relationships (Libra) has a purpose: to intuit (Aries) who we truly are!   The theme in this chart is the transformation (life/deathrebirth) of personal relationships so we may enter a New Paradigm, emphasized by the critical degree of Aries.

Can we take our relations with us on this paradigm leap, or must we go alone?

Gina, my spiritually grounded friend, sent me a very inspiring newsletter from Bente Hansen.  A channel for Edgar Cayce, Hansen titles this issue “Moving into a New Paradigm.”   I often use this term in my writing on this blog, and it is thrilling to have Cayce’s consciousness of this new grassroots movement fall into my lap.  I am reprinting in its entirety below and summarizing answers to questions that followed.  Contact Bente at to subscribe to her newsletter.  Her  book, Edgar Speaks – Inner Transformation, Journey to 2012 and Earth Changes, scheduled for publication on March 18, which just happens to be the birthdate of Edgar Cayce.

Moving into the New ParadigmLogo

This One, she always thinks it is necessary to prepare for this (session), but there is no need, absolutely no need. While in linear time, in your time, you are accustomed to mentally preparing yourself for whatever you may have to undertake, particularly the tasks you are unfamiliar with or you feel as though you need to be mentally and emotionally in a state of readiness for. When it comes to something such as this, in universal time, my energy is here immediately. There is no separation from this moment to any other. All is one time.

So when This One asks, ‘Are you ready?’, of course I am ready. Why should I not be? This is one of the states that you too will experience as you step into now time, as you leave behind linear time, as you step away from always needing to plan and to think things through. When you are in that now moment you are immediately able to embrace whatever is.

Think about it, when you are in the now moment you are able to embrace whatever is. There is no thought required. There are no mental gymnastics that need to be undertaken. There is no checking or double-checking required. There is no need to align your emotions with your thoughts. It all happens in the now instantaneous moment. With that, there is greater ease.

Leaving Behind the Old Ways

Reflect upon your normal day. Visualize the routines you have created. All your routines have been established through regular practice and whenever you are about to add another event to that routine in your mind you have to juggle it, to fit in the change. Then you wonder what you may have to leave out in order to accommodate another change to your routine. All that is in the mind. As you move closer to the state of being in the now moment all the old ways of being and doing will fade away. You will wonder why you ever perceived life to be so tough, challenging or even painful.

Once you reach that state of being in the now moment at all times there is nothing else. You then exist and have the experience of whatever is, as it occurs. You do not pre-think it nor do you reflect. It is just the experience of being in the now.

Why, why do you think I am addressing this subject right now? Because as you well know time is speeding up, or as I prefer to say, time is compressing. All time is compressing from the linear into the now moment. As time compresses into the now moment there is nothing else. Linear time, which was once like this (hands stretchedwide) is shifting into this nothingness, in to this now moment (hands coming together, signifying closing in of time). This means, whether or not you like it, you are going to be experiencing now time in the not too distant future.

Get used to the idea. You have incarnated into this lifetime in order to have this experience and in having this experience, to help shift the consciousness of the planet into what will eventually become a thousand years of peace.

Being a Way Shower

You are a way shower. You have come in to show others how this is done, for there are many, many, many upon the planet who do not yet have an inkling of this, who do not have the understanding you hold. But who will become apt students in a very short period of time once you get serious about making this shift.

Time is definitely compressing, and there is not much time left to continue living in linear existence. As your vibration shifts to increasingly higher frequencies you, through your vibrational frequencies, are responding energetically and through the soul knowing that this is what you are here to do.

Letting go of Monkey Mind

In previous discourses I have made significant reference to the importance of letting go of thought, of allowing the mind to be in a relaxed meditative, empty state at every possible opportunity. You may not believe this is possible but it is essential and even imperative to attain that state of non-mind, of empty mind, being free of the ceaseless chatter that constantly accompanies you day and night.

Most individuals will say they cannot stop thinking. You now have the opportunity to make the shift in such a way that you gradually reduce the mindless chatter you would normally engage in, and instead begin to experience moments of pure emptiness of mind. Here I am not talking about meditation.

As I have said previously meditation is critical to spiritual evolution.  Stilling the mind is peace of mind. But in meditation you close your eyes and shift yourself into another space, another dimension. You feel the benefits of that experience, but once, once you are out of the meditative state you then will encounter situations and issues that will begin to distract you. Before you know it that empty space experienced during meditation becomes filled with mindless chatter once again.

No, I am referring to a state of non mind where you have your eyes wide open, where you are fully focused, where you are totally functioning but without conscious or subconscious thought. This is one of the biggest challenges you will find yourself experiencing during this time of transitioning into the higher vibrations.

The Way of the Future

Emptying the mind totally goes against the grain of all you have ever learned. It is the total antithesis of your upbringing, your understanding and life experiences. As you transcend the limitations you have come here to transcend, you will find that you will experience moments where there is an emptiness within, where you are able to observe the world through eyes that have no filters, where you are able to just be in whatever experience you are having. In doing so, you will have this moment of, ‘Oh, now I understand. Now I know what it feels like. It feels good.’

Once you have that awareness then you will endeavor, you will strive to find that space again. That is the space I refer to – the space of being in the now moment with empty mind. Now, why? Why do you need to have an empty mind? Because your mind does not serve you well – not the way it has been used. In this society thinking has been encouraged to such an extent that the feeling state has not been valued or understood. It is only by emptying the mind, going into the now moment that you can fully embrace and step into the way of the heart center.

This is the way of the future of this planet. All individuals to have that vibration of love coming from within at all times with no distractions from senseless and mindless chatter, and being fully present in the now moment.

This does not mean you will not be thinking. This does not mean you will be unable to function. The thinking you will experience will not come from the conscious and subconscious minds. It will come from the seat of your soul, and the information you require in order to enjoy life will come through the heart center and through your soul. The words that will come from your lips will be the words that are the expression of your soul.

In other words, you will speak your divine truth. You will not be speaking what you have been told is the truth or what you have been led to believe is the truth. You will have shed those tribal belief systems, those cultural mores that have held you trapped and believing that life is the way it is because it is meant to be this way.

Shift of the Ages

This shift of the ages is a magnificent transformation, but it can only take place when you are willing to let go of the many things that are holding you back. Whenever you feel strongly about something, whether that feeling or belief may be a positive or negative belief is irrelevant, whenever you feel strongly about something go within, reflect upon that strongly held feeling or belief and mentally and ask of it and at the same time feel what the response is. Ask of it, “Is this feeling real? Is this feeling of any value? Does this feeling or belief serve me?”

In most instances you will find when there is a strong belief or feeling that there is an attachment to it, and that you have some emotional energy invested in it. Do not for one moment think I am advocating that you become completely detached from everything. That is not what I’m saying. I am saying instead it is time to do your housekeeping, to let go of old belief systems, limiting belief systems, cultural values, anything that no longer resonates with the higher vibrations you are shifting into.

You may even find, during this process, that you feel as though you have no foundation. You may feel as if the very basis of your being is actually eroding, as you let go of one belief after another. However, it is important to do this, for you do not need a foundation. You do not need a foundation upon which to stand or to build your house. Here I refer to the house of your soul, the very essence of your being. It is whole and complete as it is. What I say is that it is time to strip those things that limit and prevent you from recognizing and owning the power of who you are.

Future Creation Comes From Within

There has been so much focus on the external reality, with individuals worldwide seeking to know what is going to happen in the future. In my discourses, I have said time and again – the future will be what you make it. You know, day-by-day you create reality. It is done consciously and unconsciously. It is now time to have more awareness of what you are creating. This is the point in Earth’s history where you have been given the task – or should I say, you have tasked yourself – with this important job. You are here to help change the world and you are here to show others how this is done.

It is not done by focusing on the external reality at all times. Change will not come about while there is constant criticism and judgment of others and of world events. The changes come from within and you as a way shower, have come to make those inner changes. Make them in such a way that you leave such a profound impact within your families, communities so that others too will be inspired to do as you do. As you make these inner changes you will actually find what it is that you have come here to do. You will find you have come here to be of service. The service you will offer to humanity and to the planet will be one of individual and personal transformation.

Inner Vibrational Shift

As you do this you will find that others will follow. What for you is a challenging task, will not be as challenging for those who come behind, and for those who come behind them it will be even easier. In my many discourses I have said time and again that this is not the lifetime for you to hide away. By this I mean, as you make these changes it is important that you are not secretive about them, that you do not hide them from family and friends, communities and organizations. You see, there is a lot of fear in the world, as there was when I was last alive. There is a lot of fear of the unknown and even greater fear of change.

As you change within, your vibration shifts. This in turn is reflected in your language, in your interaction with others, in your interests. This results in those around you feeling threatened for they will not understand what is happening to you. There are many who are transforming and they keep this process secret. Their families do not understand what is happening to them. People will not speak about why they are changing and of what they are doing. This is the lifetime to speak up, not so that you become over zealous and endeavor to convert others to your thinking. This is not what this is about. It is about you finding the core essence of who you are, living this as divine truth and not denying who you are to others.

Walking Your Truth

This is the lifetime to do that. It is vitally important. As you look within society you know only too well there are so many young ones coming through who already have the understanding, awareness and abilities that you have been busily rediscovering. It is important to be there to encourage them, to show them that it is all right for them to be as they are. If they are not encouraged they too will quickly forget all they have brought in. There is also within society a feeling that people who are undergoing this experience are just a small group and do not belong to the larger societal structure. No, no, no. It is time to walk your truth, to live in integrity and honesty without judging others who will not necessarily see the world as you do. At all times extend unconditional acceptance and love toward others regardless of whatever they may do or of whatever may transpire in the larger context.

It is very easy to sit back in the comfort of your own home and to find fault with whatever else is happening in the world. Given the instantaneous connection that occurs through telecommunications and the wonderful technology now available there are no secrets. Everything is being revealed, as it should be. However, that does not mean that you are responsible for what happens elsewhere.

Let Go Of The Burden

Do not take on the burden of others. All of humanity is together sharing the burden of whatever takes place. There is no one person who is to shoulder more responsibility than any other. One of the things you can do to lend support to those in need, to the planet when she is in dire straits, is to be unconditional in your intentions, to send healing, to meditate, to say prayers, to focus energy upon trouble spots. Do it at all times with heartfelt emotion, knowing fully well that your contribution is powerful. That is all you need do.

There is no need to gnash your teeth or be upset because of what is happening elsewhere. Humanity and the planet are undergoing a transformation that has been heralded for eons. As souls you came in knowing you would be part of this transformation. And, as souls you also knew you would be successful – of that there is no doubt. As the changes occur within individuals, within nations and also across the planet, allow yourself every opportunity to say, ‘It is divinely perfect. It is as it is meant to be.’

The world will no longer be the same, as it once was. It cannot continue as it has been going, for if it were to continue as it has been ultimate destruction would take place and that cannot, and will not be allowed. You have your work to do. As an individual you are transforming yourself. Remember that is your main purpose – transforming yourself. You will be surprised at the impact of that transformation upon others.


As there is a shift in consciousness in individuals who come to value their uniqueness and divinity this too will impact others. Over time the deleterious impact of technology will fade, but it will take time. One of the most powerful agents of change in this regard is the parents and the educators of these young ones. Those who are resisting the advances of technology will gradually be heard – but it will take time.


It takes time for paradigm shifts to occur. When you have awareness that something is not beneficial you too are one of many individuals who has this awareness. So this then spreads until such time it becomes a movement. Be active. Learn as much as you can and begin informing others. The days of the large corporations dominating consumer trade will soon be gone. The Earth cannot sustain industry in the way it has been, and there will be a reversal. Not yet, not in your generation. It is beginning though. There is a reversal – so there is increasing tendency toward self-sustainability, towards a more harmonious way of living with nature. As I say the grassroots movement has commenced and it will continue growing.


This is all about change. As one thing changes, then the next thing changes. Think about this for a moment. The education system has been structured a certain way, but is no longer serving the needs of many of the young population. In order to serve the needs of the younger population there has to be change in community thinking, in parents who begin to insist upon change. It takes a long time for that to happen in terms of linear time. In terms of now time the change is almost instantaneous.




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