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It is a rare event to have a Full Moon on the Winter Solstice.  But something far more spectacular is happening this year: a total Lunar Eclipse of the Gemini Full Moon!  This Total Eclipse will be high in the sky, due to the Winter Solstice, and visible to Central and North America.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes on the ecliptic between the Sun and the Moon, which changes from  gray to orange to red and then passes into the Earth’s Shadow when the eclipse becomes total.

The Lunar Eclipse is in Gemini, and Mercury is retrograde while conjunct the Sun at the galactic center.

The eclipsed Moon gives humanity the opportunity to interconnect in the darkest moment of the longest night of the year — when the Earth passes between Luna and Sol.  This is known as the alchemical conjunctio, or the sacred marriage of opposites, the hieros gamos.

At the time of this eclipse, Venus makes her “last pass” to the  position, 13 degrees Scorpio, when stationary retrograde on September 12.

Venus is also rising just below the horizon at the time, above, when the eclipse is total.   In Scorpio, the Love Goddess is ruled by Pluto and Mars, passing out of a conjunction at the galactic center.   This eclipse brings up our deepest desires (Venus), as well as anger (Mars) that has been repressed or hidden, so we may experience in the dark our most primal emotions what we can’t or won’t face in the light.

The Lunar Eclipse chart makes a spectacular mutable cross.  The chart ruler, Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, is in the cross as part of a second house stellium straddling the galactic center, the signs Sagittarius (Mercury & Sun) and Capricorn (Mars & Pluto).  Athena is at the Winter Solstice point of zero Capricorn.   The emphasis here is the physical body.  As Pluto just conjoined Mars, this has been a combustible time in which our deepest feelings of woundedness and anger are being released so we may prepare for the New Birth!

The chart sends a loud and clear message: “EMBODIMENT!”  I have been thinking about this word all week, since two calls for proposals contained this word the past week:


Embody. Way back in the summer of 2008, I worked with an artist to create a logo representing my personal embodiment of a configuration that appeared between heaven and earth on my January 23, 1997 solar return. At the close of 2010, this word – embodiment — has become a theme for conferences and exhibitions.

Embodiment has been my goal since my 1983 kundalini awakening.  So much so that it became a professional pursuit; I have been an art reviewer since 1997 seeking evidence of a new spirit in the material.

What have I learned from this journey?  It isn’t enough to experience the awakening: the holistic orientation of a 360-degree perspective demanding to become grounded in our daily lives.

In 2001, when I started writing a memoir of my experience grounding my inner growth of consciousness through the reflection of art, I faced a literary challenge: how to incorporate the mythical and the real while defining a personal boundary of public and private?  By the time I published Kundalini’s Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. 1 in November 2009, a new mythical reality had taken hold in the collective consciousness.  Instead of coming from the hierarchical top-down, it was arising from the grassroots where I discovered a new art movement and was being defined by social media and reality TV.

I created this blog to track my passage of my internal ®evolution in consciousness to the external public sphere.  On the year anniversary of the blog, I was invited to become a Huffington Post arts blogger.  This presented a new challenge: to write about Kundalini for the mainstream reader.  The transition was painful, as transitions are, but ultimately I feel a liberation that has brought me into contact with Leesa and her invitation to participate in her newsletter.

As I prepare for the New Year, 2011, I am systemizing an approach to healing that utilizes astrology as an embodiment tool.  This will be presented in the form of a workshop providing a consciousness pathway of embodiment for other individuals to join pioneering healers likeLeesa Skover-Filgate, who has been successfully incorporating the Aquarian Age goddess into her professional and personal life.

The last time there was a Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice was in 1638.  This was the year that Galileo, while under house arrest, introduced his principles of falling bodies and projectile motion.  By presenting the belief that the Earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun, he was condemned as a heretic who challenged the Christian cosmology.

And once again, the penetrating awareness which the Lunar Eclipse delivers of the alignment between the cardinal axis points (the solstices and equinoxes) reveals the power of seasonal cycles and planetary rotation on human consciousness.  This understanding of the interconnection of rotational orbits among the planets and their satellites is contained in the hyperdimensional model of physics

When all is in darkness, we find the inner light, the Promethean spark of knowledge which furthers our human evolution.


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