Critical Trilogy: Kundalini’s Daughter

a critic's millennial journey


Mars has gotten through the stress (Mars square Uranus stationary direct conjunct Jupiter) of making its identity known.  And is heading toward the abyss (conjuncting the North Node which triggers the lunar eclipse in two weeks) of the Great Mother.

Uranus goes direct at 8:51 PM.  This puts the chart ruler, the Sun, together with the Moon/Mars/Athena in the Sun’s home position, the 5th house of…




Uranus is the ruler of my Aquarius Sun and it goes direct EXACT on my Pisces Moon.  I had a dream that the artist Aaron Olshan hitched me to a harness and pulled me out of my comfortable seat to hurl me on the Landmark Building (where a Santa Claus is expected to climb down the facade today).   “I AM SCARED OF HEIGHTS!” I screamed as I resisted the pull.  I was to stake a claim with a flag containing the words Stag Queen inside a heart.

Now that the Pregnant Woman has given birth…

"Pregnant Woman" by Aldo Tambellini

…the entrance of the newly emerging hieros gamos thatI have tracked since 1997 into the collective consciousness via the World Wide Web is indeed swift!

Check out my post, “(R)evolution in Art and Physics: The All-Round Genius of Aldo Tambellini” and please contribute to the conversation with a comment that you can automatically disseminate to your Facebook network.

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