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As I write this, the new archetype of Venus has landed.   The First Gate of the Venus rise in the sign of Scorpio at the same degree as the 01 degree helical rise last month!  This is highly significant!

Neptune/Chiron Rising is about the new archetype of the feminine being grounded in the collective by way of the Capricorn stellium, Mercury on the North Node with Pluto in the eleventh house of the collective unconscious.  The Sun in Sagittarius is directly overhead, acting as a global publicist for mass dissemination via the Internet.  The keyword at this time is Truth!  Jupiter ruling the Midheaven is conjunct Uranus in the First House.

Venus reveals the Truth of what has been repressed.

Today marks the release of my year and a half investigation of Aldo Tambellini and a new model of hyperdimensional physics with the posting:

(R)evolution in Art & Physics: the All-Round Genius of Aldo Tambellini

Lisa Paul Streitfeld: (R)evolution in Art & Physics: The All-Round Genius of Aldo Tambellini

It couldn’t have happened any better if I had planned it.  Which, of course, I didn’t.  I have learned that the plans that Aquarius makes are bound to go array, so I stopped making them!

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  1. The article on Aldo Tambellini is amazing. I found the referenced material, images perfect integration into your writing on the subject. In particular a stunning and poignant ending and image to compliment and drive home the point. Congratulations, look forward to reading more articles.

    Comment by dianne bowen | December 2, 2010 | Reply

    • I was simply the filter. Aldo and I sitting before “The Pregnant Woman” during our conversation in the gallery last summer and my asking him: “Well, Aldo, is she giving birth yet?” It truly feels like the resolution of a long and excruciating journey and I was so very happy to have you, Dianne, as a fully engaged midwife right up to the delivery. Your comment on this posting, where I wrote of the necessary support for this delivery, means sooooooooooo much!!!

      Comment by Lisa Paul Streitfeld | December 2, 2010 | Reply

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