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Venus rules the chart and is firmly in the Sixth House ,which rules process, the self-perfection of Virgo in preparation for the Seventh House of the public and relationship.  The Sixth House is feminine in that it rules the craft of art and the body — as in the embodiment of a new archetype of the feminine (Uranus conjunct Jupiter changing direction in Pisces).

It’s significant to have Taurus Rising in the chart for Venus’ change in direction.  Particularly now, as it places Vesta precisely on the descendent conjunct the Scorpio Sun, which is telling us to take back our projections (Sun square Neptune)  and look within (Sun/Vesta trine Jupiter/Uranus) to find Her.

Significantly, She is hiding in plain sight — raring to emerge from the collective unconscious (Moon in Aries in the 12th house) fiery red, a symbol of her passion to show her face without compromise!

I can’t resist but post this image that the uncompromising painter Grace Roselli sent me last night.  Notice the red button on the motorcycle.  Grace has long used the motorcycle as a metaphor for the kundalini power and this pigment linking the heart with the flaming red hair, the eager mouth and starter button — all transmitting the message of Venus turning direct under the Aries Moon!   Venus is tomboyish with the residue of her previous incarnation in Aries as She resurrects into the Scorpio incarnation intact, with a gap between her teeth revealing her zesty appetite for life and reconstruction, in the midst of the chaos and destruction of the breakdown of the patriarchal culture.

"Zina World" 2010 by Grace Roselli

The Moon’s trine to Athena (sandwiched between Mars and Mercury) has greatly helped this process of Emergence.   The Sagittarius alignment  is broadening the vision in anticipation of the highly intense Full Moon on Sunday.

The Full Moon clearly states a New Mythology in Art due to the Neptune on the Ascendant in Aquarius in a T-Square with the Moon (Taurus) opposition Sun (Scorpio) at 29 degrees.  This last degree in the fixed signs is crucial, emphasizing the urgency of delivery.  There is no time to waste now, as the next Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse on the eve of the Winter Solstice!

What does this mean for our personal lives?  The Winter Solstice is at the Galactic Center where Pluto has been passing for some years now.  And now, the line-up of the Sun, Moon and Earth with the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy impacts the human like a falling inward to the abyss we have been used to filling with material goods.  Do we fight it or simply surrender and enjoy the ride into our deepest selves?   Our attitude is the key.

This upcoming month of the Sun passing through Sagittarius will shine the light to the end of the tunnel; this is where we look to artists to show us the way.  And as a beginning to this process of communicating a new mythology in art, I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of this blog with a November 21 talk at Silvermine Arts Center: “Shamanism in Contemporary Art: A Universal Narrative.”

In the meantime, I will finish out Kundalini’s Daughter’s first year with an interpretation of the recent exhibitions of two pioneering artists in my talk — Marni Kotak and Michael Manning — that bring this new mythology into crystallization…

… in due time for this humdinger of an Eclipse!


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