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Sunset, November 8, 2010

At sunset on November 8, I walked from the Hudson River to the Lower East Side.  At  Culture Fix Gallery on Clinton Street, curator Aaron Thompson was closing his Five Years of Keeping the Artistic Flame Alive: studios: a retrospective.

Gallery view of studios: a retrospective."" at Culture Fix Gallery on Clinton Street, LES; At left is a 2008 collaborative painting from Mind-f-Art by Dimtry Gubin and Sen One and on right is an installation of studies from "Wiretap" by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim (2008) beside the red cables from its current genesis "The Web."

Located in a cozy space in the back of a Spanish bar with great food, the exhibition was replete with symbolism appropriate to the last organic movement in Lower Manhattan, which is well on the way to becoming  fully re-gentrified.  At 202 Rivington Street, Thompson created a multi-level outdoor artspace/studio from an abandoned lot, with a New Paradigm intention:  “carving a sacred space for artists of Today, and Tomorrow.”

"Twist her" by Thompson, 2006

"The Web" by Dianne Bowen and Heins Kim

"The World Famous Jamaican Lounge Tiki Bar" built by Thompson in 2006

"Xanadu Moons Tree "was created by Thompson for the HOWL Festival 2005): Here it is being wheeled down the street for the festival.

“Determined to bring a full spectrum of color to the inhibiting urban wasteland,” Aaron Thompson’s message streamed out from 202 Rivington: “to question the survival of artists, and art itself, in an environment of ceaseless gentrification, where the simple but essential human messages of expression and existence are often lost.”  His motto: “Reality is the canvas, Dreams are the paint. All are welcome:  to look, or to participate. The future will be illuminated.”

Dianne Bowen and her husband, Rein Maekask

Dianne & Aaron

Aaron Thompson: "The goal: to create a living time capsule of what once was, a lasting footprint that has been transformed by history and time. The Future will be illuminated."


My contribution to the exhibition, written on the blackboard in the bathroom


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