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An artist  e-mailed me.

What’s Venus up to these days? Clothes on? No clothes on?

This prompted me to do the chart for her helical rise as Morning Star before dawn tomorrow, (November 5).  The helical rise is when Venus is at her brightest.

Venus has been in the Underworld since turning retrograde on October 8 at 13 degrees Scorpio.

It is a rainy day here and there will be clouds tonight, but tomorrow at dawn, if it were to be clear, we could see Venus rise as the Morning Star.  She rises in the dark moon, as the New Moon is just after midnight.  So, she is alone without the Crescent Boat to support her on a new journey.  Supported by the Dark Moon, she is soooo mysterious.  She has much to say but her mouth is silent.  Rather, her art speaks for her.

My friend was wondering what would be a good date in March for her debut of a new project.  Well, what would be a better date than the Vernal Equinox, so I looked up the time and did the chart.   And wow!

What is really astounding me, in real time as I write this, is the realization that in New York City both charts — the Venus Helical rise conjunct the Moon and the Vernal Equinox — have the EXACT degree rising!  Which means the NEW (Uranus conjunct the Sun at the moment of the astrological New Year) is indelibly linked to the artists  rising from Underground at the time of her helical rise on November 5.

I suspect that imbedded in this pattern that the magic thread between Inanna and myself has uncovered  is a ready made myth communicated through an e-mail.  Inanna, rising but still in retrograde motion is in her Mother’s Garden, tending to the Persephone consciousness as she finishes up her artistic offering for the Vernal Equinox,  when the (r)evolution hits home!  The Sun aligning with Uranus at 0 degrees Aries!

What gift (Moon in Libra) does Venus bring for the collective (Moon conjunct Saturn)?  The chart says the beauty, an authentic radiant inner beauty, is emanating from the very essence of the persona (First House) of those who have made the underground journey to embody her!!

This is just a taste of the magick I experience with Inanna.   I had been excavating the ancient Sumerian love goddess for 20 years.  And through her musical journey we understand that embodying this powerful archetypal energy is not simply a destination, but a journey!’

Venus at helical rise is 10 degrees from the Sun.  Mythologically, it represents Venus entering the light of a new archetype.  This cycle is Scorpio, and she was last here in 2002.  When she enters the First Gate on December 2, she will no longer be naked.  She is in the same degree as she was at Helical Rise but has the extra month as preparation for a new journey, ushered in protection of the Crescent of the waning Moon.

This is a spectacular chart!  And utterly ironic!  I wrote above, before seeing the chart, that she would no longer be naked.  I sensed something significant when I saw the timing: almost Noon, meaning the Sun is directly overhead, though at a low angle as it approached the Winter Solstice.

No longer naked to the world,  that is, but completely naked in a deeply sexual relationship.  A real (Saturn) partnership (Libra), a Sacred Marriage (Scorpio in the Eighth House) which redefines a holy union for a new modern age, that is a sexual intercourse that is balanced and equal.  Yes, this seems to be a dream (Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Aquarius on the ascendant)  but it is real!  It has to be real, with Saturn, the planet of Karma, in the sign of relationship.  This model that Venus will show us in her rise is a relation that shifts the collective consciousness (the alignment of Mercury/Pluto/North Node.  There will be plenty of publicity with Sun on Midheaven in Sagittarius, aided by Mars and boosted by Pallas Athena, the publicity strategist!

This Scorpio cycle is about the rise, at long last, of the humans becoming conscious of the kundalini power and incorporating it into their bodies, their relationships and the culture itself.  The approach is strong as Aries but couldn’t be any different: Aries was all about movement; this is about stillness.

So what do I tell Inanna?    There is time, I tell her in my e-mail response, time until Venus goes direct on November 17.  Feisty for action, she will be in the Virgo House of Work, work, work –  getting her various body parts together — because she has to content with a fiery Moon, ravenous to live (Aries) the New that is still in the collective unconscious, yet is awaiting her journey to and beyond the Spring Equinox to manifest!

Venus In a Hurry to Shift Her Direction!


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