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Aries Full Moon: Edgar Cayce Channeling the New Paradigm

This Full Moon in Aries is the second Aries Full Moon this year; the first occurred on the Fall Equinox.  Here we have the Moon at two critical degrees in the first sign of the zodiac, representing birth: 0 (beginnings) and 29 (endings).  The power of these critical degrees is emphasized by the North Node/Pluto conjunction on the Galactic Center,  energized by the upcoming eclipse on the Winter Solstice.

In New York City, the Full Moon chart for September 23 (left) had the lunation across the east-west axis, the first and seventh houses representing self and relationship.  This Full Moon has the lunation across the fifth and eleventh houses, the individual vs. the collective.  The North Node/Pluto was in the  the 4th house of the subconscious before; and now it is almost exactly on the seventh house cusp, in conjunction with Ceres, the nurturing Mother Goddess.  The separation (opposition) of self from relationships (Libra) has a purpose: to intuit (Aries) who we truly are!   The theme in this chart is the transformation (life/deathrebirth) of personal relationships so we may enter a New Paradigm, emphasized by the critical degree of Aries.

Can we take our relations with us on this paradigm leap, or must we go alone?

Gina, my spiritually grounded friend, sent me a very inspiring newsletter from Bente Hansen.  A channel for Edgar Cayce, Hansen titles this issue “Mmoving into a New Paradigm.”   I often use this term in my writing on this blog, and it is thrilling to have Cayce’s consciousness of this new grassroots movement fall into my lap.  I am reprinting in its entirety below and summarizing answers to questions that followed.  Contact Bente at to subscribe to her newsletter.  Her  book, Edgar Speaks – Inner Transformation, Journey to 2012 and Earth Changes, scheduled for publication on March 18, which just happens to be the birthdate of Edgar Cayce.

Moving into the New ParadigmLogo

This One, she always thinks it is necessary to prepare for this (session), but there is no need, absolutely no need. While in linear time, in your time, you are accustomed to mentally preparing yourself for whatever you may have to undertake, particularly the tasks you are unfamiliar with or you feel as though you need to be mentally and emotionally in a state of readiness for. When it comes to something such as this, in universal time, my energy is here immediately. There is no separation from this moment to any other. All is one time.

So when This One asks, ‘Are you ready?’, of course I am ready. Why should I not be? This is one of the states that you too will experience as you step into now time, as you leave behind linear time, as you step away from always needing to plan and to think things through. When you are in that now moment you are immediately able to embrace whatever is.

Think about it, when you are in the now moment you are able to embrace whatever is. There is no thought required. There are no mental gymnastics that need to be undertaken. There is no checking or double-checking required. There is no need to align your emotions with your thoughts. It all happens in the now instantaneous moment. With that, there is greater ease.

Leaving Behind the Old Ways

Reflect upon your normal day. Visualize the routines you have created. All your routines have been established through regular practice and whenever you are about to add another event to that routine in your mind you have to juggle it, to fit in the change. Then you wonder what you may have to leave out in order to accommodate another change to your routine. All that is in the mind. As you move closer to the state of being in the now moment all the old ways of being and doing will fade away. You will wonder why you ever perceived life to be so tough, challenging or even painful.

Once you reach that state of being in the now moment at all times there is nothing else. You then exist and have the experience of whatever is, as it occurs. You do not pre-think it nor do you reflect. It is just the experience of being in the now.

Why, why do you think I am addressing this subject right now? Because as you well know time is speeding up, or as I prefer to say, time is compressing. All time is compressing from the linear into the now moment. As time compresses into the now moment there is nothing else. Linear time, which was once like this (hands stretchedwide) is shifting into this nothingness, in to this now moment (hands coming together, signifying closing in of time). This means, whether or not you like it, you are going to be experiencing now time in the not too distant future.

Get used to the idea. You have incarnated into this lifetime in order to have this experience and in having this experience, to help shift the consciousness of the planet into what will eventually become a thousand years of peace.

Being a Way Shower

You are a way shower. You have come in to show others how this is done, for there are many, many, many upon the planet who do not yet have an inkling of this, who do not have the understanding you hold. But who will become apt students in a very short period of time once you get serious about making this shift.

Time is definitely compressing, and there is not much time left to continue living in linear existence. As your vibration shifts to increasingly higher frequencies you, through your vibrational frequencies, are responding energetically and through the soul knowing that this is what you are here to do.

Letting go of Monkey Mind

In previous discourses I have made significant reference to the importance of letting go of thought, of allowing the mind to be in a relaxed meditative, empty state at every possible opportunity. You may not believe this is possible but it is essential and even imperative to attain that state of non-mind, of empty mind, being free of the ceaseless chatter that constantly accompanies you day and night.

Most individuals will say they cannot stop thinking. You now have the opportunity to make the shift in such a way that you gradually reduce the mindless chatter you would normally engage in, and instead begin to experience moments of pure emptiness of mind. Here I am not talking about meditation.

As I have said previously meditation is critical to spiritual evolvement. Meditation is essential for gaining peace of mind. But in meditation you close your eyes and shift yourself into another space, another dimension. You feel the benefits of that experience, but once, once you are out of the meditative state you then will encounter situations and issues that will begin to distract you. Before you know it that empty space experienced during meditation becomes filled with mindless chatter once again.

No, I am referring to a state of non mind where you have your eyes wide open, where you are fully focused, where you are totally functioning but without conscious or subconscious thought. This is one of the biggest challenges you will find yourself experiencing during this time of transitioning into the higher vibrations.

The Way of the Future

Emptying the mind totally goes against the grain of all you have ever learned. It is the total antithesis of your upbringing, your understanding and life experiences. As you transcend the limitations you have come here to transcend, you will find that you will experience moments where there is an emptiness within, where you are able to observe the world through eyes that have no filters, where you are able to just be in whatever experience you are having. In doing so, you will have this moment of, ‘Oh, now I understand. Now I know what it feels like. It feels good.’

Once you have that awareness then you will endeavor, you will strive to find that space again. That is the space I refer to – the space of being in the now moment with empty mind. Now, why? Why do you need to have an empty mind? Because your mind does not serve you well – not the way it has been used. In this society thinking has been encouraged to such an extent that the feeling state has not been valued or understood. It is only by emptying the mind, going into the now moment that you can fully embrace and step into the way of the heart center.

This is the way of the future of this planet. All individuals to have that vibration of love coming from within at all times with no distractions from senseless and mindless chatter, and being fully present in the now moment.

This does not mean you will not be thinking. This does not mean you will be unable to function. The thinking you will experience will not come from the conscious and subconscious minds. It will come from the seat of your soul, and the information you require in order to enjoy life will come through the heart center and through your soul. The words that will come from your lips will be the words that are the expression of your soul.

In other words, you will speak your divine truth. You will not be speaking what you have been told is the truth or what you have been led to believe is the truth. You will have shed those tribal belief systems, those cultural mores that have held you trapped and believing that life is the way it is because it is meant to be this way.

Shift of the Ages

This shift of the ages is a magnificent transformation, but it can only take place when you are willing to let go of the many things that are holding you back. Whenever you feel strongly about something, whether that feeling or belief may be a positive or negative belief is irrelevant, whenever you feel strongly about something go within, reflect upon that strongly held feeling or belief and mentally and ask of it and at the same time feel what the response is. Ask of it, “Is this feeling real? Is this feeling of any value? Does this feeling or belief serve me?”

In most instances you will find when there is a strong belief or feeling that there is an attachment to it, and that you have some emotional energy invested in it. Do not for one moment think I am advocating that you become completely detached from everything. That is not what I’m saying. I am saying instead it is time to do your housekeeping, to let go of old belief systems, limiting belief systems, cultural values, anything that no longer resonates with the higher vibrations you are shifting into.

You may even find, during this process, that you feel as though you have no foundation. You may feel as if the very basis of your being is actually eroding, as you let go of one belief after another. However, it is important to do this, for you do not need a foundation. You do not need a foundation upon which to stand or to build your house. Here I refer to the house of your soul, the very essence of your being. It is whole and complete as it is. What I say is that it is time to strip those things that limit and prevent you from recognizing and owning the power of who you are.

Future Creation Comes From Within

There has been so much focus on the external reality, with individuals worldwide seeking to know what is going to happen in the future. In my discourses, I have said time and again – the future will be what you make it. You know, day-by-day you create reality. It is done consciously and unconsciously. It is now time to have more awareness of what you are creating. This is the point in Earth’s history where you have been given the task – or should I say, you have tasked yourself – with this important job. You are here to help change the world and you are here to show others how this is done.

It is not done by focusing on the external reality at all times. Change will not come about while there is constant criticism and judgment of others and of world events. The changes come from within and you as a way shower, have come to make those inner changes. Make them in such a way that you leave such a profound impact within your families, communities so that others too will be inspired to do as you do. As you make these inner changes you will actually find what it is that you have come here to do. You will find you have come here to be of service. The service you will offer to humanity and to the planet will be one of individual and personal transformation.

Inner Vibrational Shift

As you do this you will find that others will follow. What for you is a challenging task, will not be as challenging for those who come behind, and for those who come behind them it will be even easier. In my many discourses I have said time and again that this is not the lifetime for you to hide away. By this I mean, as you make these changes it is important that you are not secretive about them, that you do not hide them from family and friends, communities and organizations. You see, there is a lot of fear in the world, as there was when I was last alive. There is a lot of fear of the unknown and even greater fear of change.

As you change within, your vibration shifts. This in turn is reflected in your language, in your interaction with others, in your interests. This results in those around you feeling threatened for they will not understand what is happening to you. There are many who are transforming and they keep this process secret. Their families do not understand what is happening to them. People will not speak about why they are changing and of what they are doing. This is the lifetime to speak up, not so that you become over zealous and endeavor to convert others to your thinking. This is not what this is about. It is about you finding the core essence of who you are, living this as divine truth and not denying who you are to others.

Walking Your Truth

This is the lifetime to do that. It is vitally important. As you look within society you know only too well there are so many young ones coming through who already have the understanding, awareness and abilities that you have been busily rediscovering. It is important to be there to encourage them, to show them that it is all right for them to be as they are. If they are not encouraged they too will quickly forget all they have brought in. There is also within society a feeling that people who are undergoing this experience are just a small group and do not belong to the larger societal structure. No, no, no. It is time to walk your truth, to live in integrity and honesty without judging others who will not necessarily see the world as you do. At all times extend unconditional acceptance and love toward others regardless of whatever they may do or of whatever may transpire in the larger context.

It is very easy to sit back in the comfort of your own home and to find fault with whatever else is happening in the world. Given the instantaneous connection that occurs through telecommunications and the wonderful technology now available there are no secrets. Everything is being revealed, as it should be. However, that does not mean that you are responsible for what happens elsewhere.

Let Go Of The Burden

Do not take on the burden of others. All of humanity is together sharing the burden of whatever takes place. There is no one person who is to shoulder more responsibility than any other. One of the things you can do to lend support to those in need, to the planet when she is in dire straits, is to be unconditional in your intentions, to send healing, to meditate, to say prayers, to focus energy upon trouble spots. Do it at all times with heartfelt emotion, knowing fully well that your contribution is powerful. That is all you need do.

There is no need to gnash your teeth or be upset because of what is happening elsewhere. Humanity and the planet are undergoing a transformation that has been heralded for eons. As souls you came in knowing you would be part of this transformation. And, as souls you also knew you would be successful – of that there is no doubt. As the changes occur within individuals, within nations and also across the planet, allow yourself every opportunity to say, ‘It is divinely perfect. It is as it is meant to be.’

The world will no longer be the same, as it once was. It cannot continue as it has been going, for if it were to continue as it has been ultimate destruction would take place and that cannot, and will not be allowed. You have your work to do. As an individual you are transforming yourself. Remember that is your main purpose – transforming yourself. You will be surprised at the impact of that transformation upon others.


As there is a shift in consciousness in individuals who come to value their uniqueness and divinity this too will impact others. Over time the deleterious impact of technology will fade, but it will take time. One of the most powerful agents of change in this regard is the parents and the educators of these young ones. Those who are resisting the advances of technology will gradually be heard – but it will take time.


It takes time for paradigm shifts to occur. When you have awareness that something is not beneficial you too are one of many individuals who has this awareness. So this then spreads until such time it becomes a movement. Be active. Learn as much as you can and begin informing others. The days of the large corporations dominating consumer trade will soon be gone. The Earth cannot sustain industry in the way it has been, and there will be a reversal. Not yet, not in your generation. It is beginning though. There is a reversal – so there is increasing tendency toward self-sustainability, towards a more harmonious way of living with nature. As I say the grassroots movement has commenced and it will continue growing.


This is all about change. As one thing changes, then the next thing changes. Think about this for a moment. The education system has been structured a certain way, but is no longer serving the needs of many of the young population. In order to serve the needs of the younger population there has to be change in community thinking, in parents who begin to insist upon change. It takes a long time for that to happen in terms of linear time. In terms of now time the change is almost instantaneous.




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