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“I Am Alive” The Inside Story

“Nando looked me in the eye and said,  “Carlitos, I want to eat the pilot.'”

—- Baez, from the documentary, “I Am Alive” airing tonight, October 20, at 9 PM EDT on the History Channel

“…what is without question the finest survival documentary I have ever seen on TV.”

           — Linda Stasi, TV Critic, New York Post

This chart reveals a mythology (Neptune elevated in Sagittarius) of the Hero’s Journey connected with survival (Jupiter conjunct the Moon in the 11th house) under the sign of the chart co-ruler, Saturn, ruling the North Node in tension with the Uranus/Sun in Libra.  A human condition in which the transformation (8th house) of ego (Pluto conjunct Mars in Libra)  resulted in the most brilliant inspirational (Uranus conjunct Sun/Ceres in Libra) tale of human survival (North Node in Capricorn in the 11th house of the collective consciousness) ever told (Saturn in Gemini in the 4th house of personal myth trine the Uranus/Sun in Libra.

On Friday, the 13th of October, 1972, a charter plane carrying 45 passengers, including a college rugby team, vanished over the desolate, snow-covered Andes Mountains. For 72 days, the world thought they were dead. But for 16 survivors, including 20 year-old Nando Parrado, what they experienced was worse than death.  (the text in blue, here and below is from the AMS website)


Eduardo Strauch, survivor with Andrew Streitfeld, Executive Producer, before the memorial marker at the crash site of flight Uruguayan Air Force # 571

When my brother, Andrew Streitfeld, told me he was making a documentary on Nando Parrado, I was reading Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Serpent of Light which relates a new mythology of the Earth’s kundalini axis shifting from the Himalayas to the Andes.  I was intrigued, to put it mildly, that my brother, who never subscribed to my father’s mysticism, would be embarking on a documentary in the Andean Mountains, home to my father’s first guru, the Andean mystic Oscar Ichazo, founder of Arica.

According to, the earth’s kundalini is from the core of the planetary sphere that can be described as a large iron crystal.  This force enters the body at the base chakra.

Ouroboros surrounding the hexagram  symbolizing the 21st century archetype of Self

The base chakra is precisely what was activated in the tale of survival in the Andes.  Which is what the documentary reveals.  The power of the survival instinct and the communal spirit made tangible in the physical ingestion of the body as the group (Aquarius) contributing to the individual (Leo) heroic journey.

“I Am Alive” is, therefore, the story of the self-devouring Ouroboros made real, revealing a quantum leap into a multidimensional reality.

Nando Parrado, who rescued his fellow survivors through a miraculous ten-day trek in his rugby shoes over the Andes, wrote a 2006 autobiography Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home that brings us up to date on the lives of the survivors.

Filming the documentary “I Am Alive”; photo by Daniel Streitfeld

Trapped in the sub-zero degree temperatures for over 72 days, the survivors faced circumstances that no human should ever have to endure. Fighting just to stay alive, hope was a cruel mirage in a landscape that offered nothing but despair and death. Against all odds one man led an expedition into the mountains in a desperate attempt to reach civilization. For the first time ever, the hero of Uruguayan Flight 571, Nando Parrado, tells his story in its entirety.


Nanda Parrado telling his story for the documentary “I Am Alive”; photo by Daniel Streitfeld

Parrado, who lost his mother, sister, and scores of friends among the 29 victims of Uruguayan Flight 571, shares a complete, candid and unflinching account of the 72 days of suffering that followed the crash, including factors that led to his courageous decision to climb out of the mountains and—together with fellow survivor Roberto Canessa—save 15 others.


Nando Parrado, natural chart, birth time unknown

Today, Parrado is a highly sought inspirational speaker in demand throughout the globe.  The documentary reveals in his gentle persona, that when he speaks his Truth,  he holds the audience in rapture.  The key to his character  is the North Node in Aries (“I AM ALIVE!”) inconjunct Saturn/Mars in the feminine sign of the body, Virgo, and the incredible masculine will of his Sun/Pluto trine.  He claims that his struggle to survive was his quest to reunite with his father, revealed in his natal chart by his Mars/Saturn in a tense square to his Sagittarius Sun which pushed him to scale the heights of the Andes.  

A declared atheist, he deferred to the rule of Saturn, personal endurance, rather than faith, for survival (defined in the accident chart by the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in the survival sign of Capricorn) which propelled him from the crash site over the Andes to his father.  His method of self-transformation (Sun trine Pluto) to reach his goal was in the practical detail, one step at a time on treacherous mountain peaks.  His inspirational philosophy of “taking each moment as it comes” and “I’ll keep going as long as I am breathing” is revealed in the chart by the inconjunct from Saturn/Mars in Virgo to the North Node in Aries. the apex of a yod.  

Having the detachment  to view (Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius) the bodies of his dead companions as sustenance  (Ceres) for the living (Aries North Node), he was able to motivate (Mars) the resilience (Saturn) of  body ( Virgo) into a miraculous (Jupiter conjunct Venus in Aquarius) act of Ouroboric self-devouring in which the group (Aquarius) serves the heroic (Leo Moon) quest.

The December 21, 1972 alerted the world to this Andean feat of the Kundalini charged 10 day trek over 30 miles of mountains.  This 29 degree Sun on that day of rescue is being eclipsed by the Moon on December 21, 2010.  Is this the manner that the collective consciousness is being alerted to the energy shift on the planet — an inspiring story of love and life (Neptune/Venus/Mercury/Midheaven in Sagittarius) which confounds experts even today.

Could the shift of the Earth’s Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light be connected to this affirmation of life on the peaks of the Andes?

The Earth’s Kundalini is always attached to a single location on the surface of the Earth & stays there for a period of about 13,000 yrs. Then it moves on to a new location for the next 13,000 yrs, based upon cycles of 9, or what we call the Precession of the Equinox. When it moves, our idea of what “Spiritual” means changes. It transforms according to the new energies of the future cycle leading us into a higher spiritual path.

The bigger picture is this. The Kundalini has two poles, & one is in the exact center of the Earth. The other is located on the surface somewhere & anywhere in the world. It is the consciousness of the Earth herself that decides where it is to be.

There is a pulse of exactly 12,920 yrs when the polarity of the Earth’s Kundalini changes to the opposite pole, & it simultaneously changes location on the surface of the Earth. This new location not only rapidly wakes up the people living near this sacred point on Earth, but also sends a frequency into the electromagnetic grids surrounding the Earth. This in turn, affects those consciousness grids in ways that are determined by the Earth’s DNA. We grow according to a set plan & design!

To the few that know of this event & what is occurring all around us, a wisdom is transferred, & a peaceful state of being becomes their inheritance, for they know the awesome truth. In the midst of chaos, war, starvation, plagues, environmental crisis & moral breakdown that we are experiencing here on Earth today at the end of this cycle, they understand the transition & know no fear. This fearless state is the secret key to the transformation that, for millions of years, has always followed this sacred cosmic event.

On 1 level this means that spiritually the Female will now have her turn to lead humankind into the New Light! Eventually, this Female spiritual light will permeate the entire range of human experience from Female leaders in business & religion to Female heads of state. By 2012-2013 this Female spiritual light will become so strong as to become obvious to all who live on this dear planet & will continue to grow for 1,000’s of yrs.

For many of you, none of this will probably make any sense until you read chapters 2 & 3. Chapter 2 is the Cosmic Knowledge of what is actually occurring in nature & in the stars & how it relates to this new cycle of light. Chapter 3 is the history of what the ancient cultures understood about this sacred event up to this present time. This prepares you for the content of this book.

Beginning with Chapter 4 will be the stories of my personal experience & involvement with this “Serpent of Light” & the 100’s of indigenous tribes/cultures that have secretly helped guide this spiritual energy from Tibet to its new home in South America! Coming out of Tibet into India, it then moved in a snakelike manner to almost every country in the world until it reached Chile, the new home of the Earth’s Kundalini, the new “Tibet”.

What has occurred in the world along this path that the Earth’s Kundalini has taken has been almost unbelievable. People from different cultures & countries all cooperating together “as though” they were coordinated by a higher power simply for the good of human life. Without this spiritual assistance, I believe, humanity will be unable to evolve to the next level of consciousness, crucial to our very survival.

There are 10s or 1,000s of people, mostly indigenous people, who have been led by a deep inner guidance, from 1949 to the present, to help bring this unyielding White Snake to its new location high up in the Andes Mountains in Chile, where it now finally resides. Not only is this a shift of spiritual power from the male to Female, but it is also a spiritual power shift from Tibet & India to Chile & Peru. The Light of the World that has been nurtured & expanded with the Tibetan & Indian cultures is now completed. Its new reign has just begun in Chile & Peru, & soon it will affect the hearts of all humankind.

–Drunvalo Melchizdek, introduction to Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012




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