Critical Trilogy: Kundalini’s Daughter

a critic's millennial journey


The New Moon in Libra has HIEROS GAMOS stamped all over it.

The chart set for NYC, the capital of global media, practically screams out: THE TIME HAS COME!  If anyone reading this has been attentively working on embodying this archetype, I can channel Neitzsche’s Zarathustra:

The destined hour has arrived!

“My hour has come” (to his sister, June 19, 1891).  “It is one of the strongest spiritual drinks…It is a beginning of my beginnings—what lies ahead of me! …I am at the summit of my life, i.e. my tasks…” (to Overbeck, September 1881).  What Nietzsche was later to consider the third phase had now arrived in the form of fate which claimed him completely and which he knew he was destined to carry out.  (Karl Jaspers, C. F. Wallraff, F. J. Schmitz; Nietzsche: An Understanding of his Philosophical Activity, p.48

The coding is threaded throughout the chart.  Mars triggering the Midheaven conjunct Venus.  Capricorn rising with Pluto/Ceres conjunct the North Node in the 12th house of the collective unconscious.  The message here is concretization, containment and structure of a new archetype.  This interpretation is reinforced by the Venus/Moon conjunction this afternoon.  Taking place nearly an hour earlier, the Capricorn Rising conjuncts the North Node.  It promises to be an intense 24 hours night of illumination coming from the body.  I ended up finishing a manuscript, writing a short speech and chronicling my next two posts.  And I still have three hours to go!  That is how intense this lunation cycle is for the crystalization (Saturn) of a new archetype embedded in the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, here straddling the second (body) and third (communication) houses.

What is key is the Asteroids: the feminine in the chart.  Vesta and Ceres sextiling at Zero degrees and Juno forming a Yod with the sextile to Vesta and Jupiter/Uranus at the apex.  It is as if a Congress of the female goddess has converged to formally (Capricorn) usher Venus through the gate to the Underworld draping her in the full garb of the Sky Goddess!

Crystalization of a New Archetype: Venus Retrograde Conjunct the Moon


Mario Vargas Llosa wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

““The lies in novels are not gratuitous—they fill in the insufficiencies of life,” he wrote.  “Thus when life seems full and absolute, and men, out of an all consuming faith, are resigned to their destinies, novels perform no service at all.  Religious cultures produce poetry and theater, not novels.  Fiction is an art of societies in which faith is undergoing some sort of crisis, in which it’s necessary to believe in something, in which the Unitarian, trust and absolute vision has been supplanted by a shattered one and an uncertainty about the world we inhabit and afterworld.”

—excerpted from: “A Storyteller Enthralled by the Power of Art”   Michiko Kakutani’s “An Appraisal” the New York Times, October 8, 2010

And I bring to a close my 24 years of novel writing by finishing The Sacred Seven which incorporates sacred geometry into the novel through the progression of seven self-contained chapters chronicling a 24 year process of containing the kundalini in the body.

The Full Moon will bring the illumination to the 9th house process engaged at this New Moon!  Stay tuned!



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