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When I entered the blog this morning, I was surprised to discover that I haven’t posted here since the New Moon.  That is because I have been busy with the culmination of my curatorial trilogy, “Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage.”

Carl Apfelschmidt's "Ouroboros"

The Pisces Full Moon was a stunning culmination of my 14 year journey of Ouroboric self-devouring.  I have been immersed in my karmic task of excavating the dark feminine through Black Madonna, initiated in May 2009, and tracing this archetype back to the American canon through its Birth Mother, Margaret Fuller.

Carolee Schneemann's "Ask the Goddess" detail

Even as I was putting together a Fuller program related to the theme of Ariadne’s Voice, I was finding myself, under the waxing moon, drawn to the pop culture once again.

Diablo Cody wearing her artplacing this archetype directly into the American canon in the past 13 months via its birth mother, Margaret Fuller.

Speaking of Ariadne’s Voice!  I was delighted to discover the excavation of the dark feminine through the United States of Tara, a new project by  Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for her screenplay for Juno (which I only saw recently at the gym) and Chelsea Handler, who

Can a female artist top this in being scandalous about the pop addictions of alcohol, sex and fame -- complete with TV show, bestselling books and porn flick??

has just been named the host for this year’s MTV Awards which will take place on September 12, the day that Mercury goes direct.  I came across Handler’s three books in the Salem bookstore, of all places, and was actually stunned to discover such blatant sexual writing from a heterosexual woman in a slick bestseller package.  Way back in the 1980s when I was trying to sell my not so physically blatant sexual writing, my agent’s assistant told me it would be a lot easier for me to find a publisher if I were gay!

As the moon waxed outside my window, I spent an entire night, from dusk to dawn, doing a search of these two pop scribblers launched by their own dialogue.  Red Band Trailer 102

Walberg and Moss having sex courtesy of Calvin Klein

In fact, at a beach party under the waxing Moon last Thursday, I was talking to a fellow UU about these two writers.  She seemed positively energized by them.  She used to work at Calvin Klein where, she told me, a woman was fired for having sex with a male model in the closet.  How is that for corporate hypocricy?  Calvin Klein sells sex on public billboards across America and when one of his employees tries to get some on the job, she is fired!??

This full moon brings to a culmination 14 years of seeking

Carl Apfelschmidt's "Ouroboros" detail, a Yod birthing a golden egg, revealing the geometry ruling the dawn of a new era

and finding a visual aesthetic surrounding the emergence of the dark feminine, which I had called up in my stream of consciousness writing for the previous 14 years.  I have been doing this on the periphery, out of sight of publishers, art institutions and critical apparatus.  An entire new realm of social networking has cropped up in the meantime which bypasses the middleman.   It has been the achievement of a lifetime — to birth and nurture a visionary new movement hiding in plain sight of a 24/7 media.  It couldn’t just be any movement, but one devoted to the long repressed emergence of the authentic feminine in the physical matter of art.

Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite

This past spring, I made a private comment regarding a female digital artist whose imagery seemed disjointed that “at least Lady Gaga has a coherent narrative.”

Could it be that the pop culture is overtaking over the art world in saying what needs to be said when the collective is ready to hear it???  What about the intersections between these worlds?  Are they relevant to Ariadne’s Voice?  Is the pop culture creating with a consciousness of gender equality or is the bold imagery a projection of Giordano Bruno‘s black magicians attempting to hijack the Aquarian Age?

Venus/Mars conjunction, September 12, 2008. Venus/Mars are in the 6th house of process!

VENUS/MARS Conjunction, 2010; Friday, August 20th at 2:49 PM, just a little over an hour before Mercury's retrograde station; Venus/Mars are elevated in the 10th house of recognition while Mercury is the 9th house of philosophy/publicity

After a dedicated two year Mars/Venus cycle from my September 12, 2008 meeting with HP Garcia — to the August 20 takedown of my exhibition in his gallery.

Against this backdrop of authenticity, I will now be turning my focus now on the pop culture to examine and interpret these narratives.  Are they being guided by the authentic feminine emergence — or are they simply the patriarchy in clever disguise?  Is it truly the Sky Goddess come down to earth or just cartoons capturing the illusion of female freedom?

Mina Cheon, author of "Shamanism and Cyberspace" between Martha Wilson's "Portfolio of Models" and Suzanne Benton's "Mask, Dance, Spirits" at HP Garcia Gallery, shortly after the 3:59 PM Mercury Retrograde Station on Friday, August 20, 2010

Kundalini’s Daughters in Pop Culture

This blog will now be devoted to an analysis, launched in timing with the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces, ruling the dreamworld and the archetypes while Mercury makes its retrograde cycle in the opposite sign of Virgo, ruling authenticity, the body.  Meanwhile, Venus and Mars are transiting together in Libra, ruling the collective (11th house) aesthetic.  Stay tuned!


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