Critical Trilogy

a critic's millennial journey



Detail of Aldo Tambellini's 1961 painting, "Arrival"

Grace Roselli's "Breastfeeding" surrounded by Heide Hatry's "Oil Spill Series" of photographs

When the conscious condition of humanity is no longer served by the prevailing image of the divine, the restlessness in the unconscious represents a return to the primordial chaos existing before a new birth.

Mircea Eliade


installation view of Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage.”  Aldo Tambellini’s “Pregnant Woman” in the center gallery, with his 1961 “Arrival” on the right.

Detail from Aldo Tambellini's 1961 "Arrival"







The lunation is in the Fifth House of Fame, with the chart ruler, Venus, between Mars and Venus in the Sixth House of work, the daily grounding experience.  Those who can embody the energy of the hieros gamos icon are the authentic celebrities of a new era…beings are united in the (Self) knowledge that “the arrival is a point of never arriving.”  This is because we are moving, not in linear, but cyclical time.


Psyche wearing Selma Karaca’s “Embodiment (Kundalini Couture)” below Rikki Ducornet’s “Paper Doll”



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