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Birth of a Movement

Chris Twomey's and Core Constellation, installation view of Westbeth Gallery

When I dropped by Chris Twomey + Core Constellation just before it closed at Westbeth Gallery on Sunday, I was surprised, delighted even joyous.

The Finger of God reaching down from the heavens, placing me in a magical moment in time.

Chris Twomey at Westbeth Gallery, August 1, 2010

I encountered this Gemini artist, who has consistently focused her identity inquiry into the origin of sex.

Provocative, amusing and probing, her fluid passage between several media — sculpture, photography, painting, digital art, installation and writing —  has dissected gender into the binary code and made it whole again!  Not only that but she brings a complex dialectic into the mainstream v

As a do-it-yourself Gemini in the reflection of the very “self-reliant” Margaret Fuller, she is an ideal choice for a Margaret Fuller exhibition, and she add a great deal to this evolution of the exhibition, opening tonight at HP Garcia Gallery in New York City.

Using everyday materials and weaving a personal web between personal narrative, religious iconography and Cheerios!

"Cheerios in Era" (close up) by Chris Twomey

All the evidence of birth!

Like the last piece of a puzzle falling from the sky and fitting into place.

"Cheeriospus No. 7, Bird's Nest Mutations

The Birth Canal…

The belly button as a route to internal gazing.

"OMNI Series" installation by Chris Twomey

Babies appearing out of everywhere!

"Cheeriopus No. 6 in an Era of Extremes

And what is being born?

"Triumph of the XX: XX & XY" mixed media by Chris Twomey

In this 2008-09 multimedia series, Twomey playfully traces the tantric sexual merging back to binary code of our sexual makeup.  The title echoes Valery Solanas in seeking an art form which examines the natural superiority of women through their chromosome makeup.

Chris Twomey's new iconography of the Tree of Lffe

I had to enter the “inner sanctum” where the iconography of a divine birth was being created all around me, in the remaking of the cross as a Tree of Life with curving branches.  This represents the shift from linear time to curved galactic time, and a hyper-dimensonal physics based on the rotation of the Earth and its relation to its satellite, the Moon, and the other planets.

And within this temple, was the performance of the Sacred Marriage Rites for a new era!

"Triumph of the XX: XX & XY" video still by Chris Twomey

The video projected the real life figures in this imagery and it was startling: a highly trantric woman changing partners five times.  Five for the pentagram, Venus as Evening Star!

I ran around like a kid in a candy store choosing works for Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage. Mana pouring down from heaveni!


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