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Embodied Venus

"Breast Feeding" by Grace Roselli

Grace Roselli has agreed to premiere her stunning oil painting, Breast Feeding, at a new chapter of Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage opening August 4th at HP Garcia Gallery.

Venus enters the Sixth Gate at 5:14 PM today, EDT.

I was no longer reflecting on “embodiment”  but practicing it in my Feldenkrais class yesterday.  This truly holistic body/mind practice is a necessary antidote to the de-spiritualization of yoga, which has become more like an athletic competition.  I remember way back in the mid 1980s asking a guru reading my palm when I would ever have any success, flighty Aquarian that I was back then, and he said: “When you get into your body.”

Well, it has happened!  Just in time, as Saturn is at 29 degrees 29 minutes Virgo

My shamanistic practice has Venus bringing her Evening Star passage in Aries to a conclusion on September 11, when the Moon and Venus conjunct at 2 degrees Scorpio, the final conjunction before Venus goes retrograde on October 8.  She reaches the seventh gate, the place of the sacred marriage, on August 13

Can Venus in Aries, the sign of originality, independence and selfishness, give herself over to an authentic partnership?

We shall see!!

Here is my message to Tanya Ragir, the genius artist who made the signature for Woman in the 21st Century, containing early morning thoughts on Venus’ arrival at the Sixth Gate this afternoon:

“Looking out from within.”

Could this sum up your work, in regards to both content and process?
with a new view of the feminine (as opposed to female) gaze?

I think this is my next blog post, because it sums up Elizabeth Peabody’s concerns that woman should:

1.  be in touch with inner impulses
2.  act on inner impulses

And, of course, she was criticized for being so impulsive.   But that clearly is how the patriarchy has kept women down, by telling them to wait their turn,
a turn that never comes!!

Moving from Margaret Fuller to Megan Marshall’s marvelous book The Peabody Sisters, got me off being stuck on Fuller’s questions surrounding female genius, which I already addressed in my forthcoming book, Woman in the 21st Century.


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