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The deep conjunctio of the Solar Eclipse finds me reflecting on the events of the past six months, since my Winter Solstice book launch at Susanna Cuyler’s apartment in Little Italy, the event which initiated this blog.  With Scorpio Rising and  the line-up occurring in the Eighth House, a surrender into the unknown and complete release from attachments is in order.  Plus, Saturn making its last gasp in Virgo at 29 degrees is making an inconjunct to Neptune, meaning the dream (Aquarius) is making tits final adjustment in form (Saturn finishing its 2 1/2 year cycle in Virgo).   This sums up my feelings while dropping into the abyss.  And who do I find on the way down?

"Semiramis" oil on wood by Dana Franzen

Appropriately, I have been reading Nathaniel Hawthorne, after tracing his footsteps around his Salem home, and the site of the Charter Street house of his beloved Sophia Peabody, beside the graveyard where his ancestor, Judge John Hathorne of the Salem Witch Trials, was buried.

On the morning of the closing Painting Performance on June 20, I lingered before the building where she was raised, now a charming shop named for its former occupant, who escaped the Calvinist belief of original sin through the schooling of her elder sister, Elizabeth Peabody.  Sophia descended into the female psyche through the trial of illness…and was transported into the alchemy of the sacred marriage after Nathaniel Hawthrone came to pay a visit.

Sophia's Gifts window, Salem, MA

In plunging deep into his Puritan ancestry lodged in his soul, Hawthorne released the repression of the kundalini by the Puritan founders of this country, and found a path of transcendence, first through his fiction and then through his “sacred marriage” to Sophia Peabody.

In tracing, footstep by footstep, the magical happenings in the life and fiction of this great American author (born on the Fourth of July!), I had to reflect on my own bit of lunar magick occurring on the eve of the Lunar Eclipse, during the 20 June Performance Painting: Resurrecting Margaret Fuller at Pierre Menard Gallery.

Sophia, of course, is the goddess of wisdom worshipped by the alchemists in pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone.  In lingering before the crystals in the window of her namesake shop, I was doing a ritual of opening myself to the wisdom I would need to bring my 14 year experiment with Venus to a close.

Mark, a friend of the Pierre Menard Gallery, asked me to sign his purchase of Kundalini’s Daughter at my book signing following my gallery talk on June 12.

Mercurius in my alchemical experiment

On the afternoon of the Closing Painting Performance, he appeared in the circle before me as “the illuminated one” following my reading from Woman in the 21st Century, in which I traced my journey from The Da Vinci Code back to Margaret Fuller and unexpectedly discovered the Templars along the way!

It was a slimming down of my controversial readings in the gallery on June 12, which will be repeated in the new version of Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage” at HP Garica Gallery, opening August 4th.

Mark, clearly taking on the role Mercurius in my alchemical experiment came up too me and declared.   “I am on the second chapter of your book and I want to show you a portrait.”

“A portrait.  Of who?”


I was stunned.  “Semiramis.  You must have been reading my blog.  I just posted on Semiramis!”

He shook his head. “I don’t even have a computer.”

What could it be but a synchronicity, a real evocation of magick illuminating the truth that I have been attempting to penetrate for 25 years on my death defying journey into the “nature of things”?  This woman Semiramis that HP has been trying to tell me for months was the gap in my knowledge, the gap I inherited from the feminist scholars who left her out of their accounts of the history of the goddess?

He insisted on running to his home down the street and bringing the portrait by his friend, Dana Franzen.

Thus, Semiramis has been dredged up from the darkest realm of the collective unconscious and entered the visual narrative of the sacred marriage!  Let us see how she affects the unfolding of “Woman in the 21st Century” as it moves to New York City next month!

Mark and with Dana Franzan's "Semiramis" portrait before Marina Tsesarskaya's "Celebration" in the basement of Pierren Menard Gallery, 20 June 2010


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