Critical Trilogy

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New York to Cambridge . ..

“Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage” at the Pierre Menard Gallery, 23May – 20June, installation view

Manning writing Fuller's brief bio on canvas with Wiener's markings



After resurrecting Fuller’s “Conversations,” by tracing her  philosophy of the “sacred marriage” back to antiquity and up through the 21st century, we closed the exhibition with Cambridge Performance Painting: Margaret Fuller Resurrected. This performance by Mark Wiener and Michael Manning was transmitted through cyberspace through a live feed on

Goddess energy supporting the Cambridge Performance Painting on the ground while streaming live on the Internet

Invoking the Spirits, "Cambridge Performance Painting: Resurrecting Margaret Fuller;" Pierre Menard Gallery

After I drew the symbols for the planetary energies ruling the performance within the salt circle, I called in the spirits ofRESURRECTION RITUAL, 20 June 2010, Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge the four directions and stated my intention, to have Fuller’s words enter the collective consciousness in the spirit with which they were created.  I then proceeded to read Fuller’s alchemical poetry interwoven with the Sumerian hymn “The Sacred Marriage Rites.”   The painting began with Wiener making marks in rhythm with my

Reading Fuller's poetry as her portrait emerges

reading, followed by Manning’s writing a brief biography of Fuller across the marked canvas.

The gestures took form with a bright red portrait of Fuller, which was then removed from the wall and turned upside-down (expressing through gesture the author’s “willful descent” into the underworld).

Preparing for the "descent"

The Descent of Margaret Fuller

"Margaret Fuller: Hermaphrodite"

After they further worked the image,I pointed out – to the surprise of the creators – a bright blue penis.

Manning touching up his hermaphroditic creation

By crossing disciplines in a new century characterized by live global transmission, painting itself became a shamanic discipline.  The spirit of Margaret Fuller conjured on her bicentennial birthday took form on canvas, then made a conscious descent into the collective unconscious (Manning explained later that he removed the portrait because they had become too attached to the image), and emerged again as a hermaphrodite – a contemporary reflection of Lucifer, the Morning Star!

The Sacred Marriage Couple! Pierre Menard Gallery proprietor John Wronoski with multimedia star Heide Hatry

This process led the gallery owner, John Wronoski, to recall Edgar Allen Poe’s pronouncement:  “Humanity is divided into men,women and Margaret Fuller.”

Ultimately, the performers came up with two works, revealing Margaret, the hermaphrodite with her twin.

Making Margaret's Gemini Twin (Reflection)Resurrecting Margaret Fuller through her twin!

Heide Hatry participant/observer in "The Resurrection of Margaret Fuller"

"Cambridge Performance Painting: Resurrecting Margaret Fuller" by Michael Manning and Mark Wiener, PIerre Menard Gallery, 20 June 2010

…and back to New York!

Heide Hatry with Pierre Menard Gallery proprietor John Wronoski giving the curator a parting gift of James Anthony Froude's 1886 book, "The Knights Templars"

“Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage”  at HP Garcia Gallery, NYC, August 4 – 21, 2010


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