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Semiramis: Queen of Babylon

Black Painting by Aldo Tambellini

Salem.  I descended on the third day of my fast, the day after the New Moon and before the Crescent Moon.  It typically happens; if you can make it through the third day of fasting you can get to the full ten days.  That is because after the third day, you can’t simply eat without affecting your system.

As I was falling over the edge into the dark abyss, HP called.  His immediate reaction to my crisis?  Semiramis!  This remedy seemed somewhat bizarre.  Semeramis!  “I have been trying to tell you for months about this insight,” he declared, telling me that I have left her out of the precession of cosmology in my CODEX, which sources the the icon of the “hieros gamos” in Sumer, the civilization before the flood which revered the Love Goddess, Inanna, self-declared Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Untitled Black Painting by Aldo Tambellini

So, curiosity had me climb out of one of Aldo’s black holes.  I went to my laptop and became acquainted with Semiramis on the Internet.  I had indeed left her out of my cosmological timeline.  What a shock to discover that a woman was responsible for the  Aries Age cosmology of the King being dismembered if he lost favor with the Goddess!

Many so called “authorities” dismiss her as a mythical figure, but she was so important that her name is derived from Sumer!  Semiramis was the wife of Nimrod, a descendent of Noah who populated earth with his progeny after the flood.  She was said to be an innkeeper/brothel owner (the whore of Babylon) and with such lowly beginnings and ambition she got her husband to permit her to create the cosmology legitimizing his rule that was supposedly based on the stars.  She created a mythology that the mother of the divine child was a virgin, a cosmology that came in handy when she gave birth to an illegitimate child, Tammuz, which her husband refused to acknowledge.  So, what did she do but have her husband dismembered in the place of the ram at the Spring Equinox and instilled her “divine” son to the throne. Except that she refused to even share ruler ship until she died!

This mythology served as the foundation for all the pagan religions as well as Christianity: the rebirth of the Sun/Son at the Winter Solstice and the sacrifice of the King on the Full Moon following the Spring Equinox.

Here is a link that tells the story:

I never read about Semiramis in any of the feminist theology.  Have the goddess theorists been repressing her?  How were the feminists to understand their rage in overturning the patriarchy without consciously connecting to the woman who created its cosmology?

It seems that this is indeed the breakthrough I have been waiting for regarding the resurrection of the male  I have been investigating through the work of the mythological painters Aaron Olshan and Michael Manning, both in Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage.

It also explains the mythology Margaret was tapping into in her marriage to the revolutionary Angelo Ossoli, excommunicated from his noble family that had been guards for the papacy.  In overthrowing the Christian cosmology, she was also confronting its hidden foundation – the vengeful tyrant possessing Semiramis!  No wonder why militant feminists haven’t known what to do about violence (an issue Kate Millett bravely attempts to address in the closing of Flying), they have yet to tackle the vengeful dark feminine at its mythological origin!  Obviously, with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, it is time to do so.  (with both on my ascendent right now squaring Pluto, I am burning!!  No desire for food and I’m channeling a hundred miles an hour.

Strange.  How HP was trying to tell me about his revelations regarding Semiramis,our connection started breaking up and my phone just died.  It wasn’t the battery, because it was plugged into the outlet.   It just seemed to have broken.

Divine intervention?


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