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"Margaret Fuller" monotype by Suzanne Benton

Elinor Gadon had a scheduling conflict so I decided to made a change of plan for the scheduled June 12 Conversation, The Sacred Marriage in Antiquity, that came about because of a ritual I did on the New Moon.

Gemini New Moon, 12 June 2010 at 7:15 AM in Salem

Precisely at 7:15 AM, I completed the tapestry of the journey that delivered me to the manifestation of a vision:  Woman of the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage. I seemed to be answering the question put out to me by Jeffrey Steele, the lone scholar of American academia dedicated to excavating and interpreting Fuller’s mystical writing:

“Who has the link between The Da Vinci Code and Margaret Fuller”?

“I do!”

And to prove it, I embarked on a private performance!  This ritual consisted of stringing together the preface from Woman in the 21st Century with excerpts from Kundalini’s Daughter:  Critical Journey, Vol. 1 and Vol. II that included my meetings with Margaret Starbird and Elinor Gadon and finishing with an excerpt from my four-volume unpublished book on the sacred marriage.

This took me full circle from my encounter with Fuller’s use of symbology; back through my understanding of the Goddess at the source (Gadon); and the breakdown of the Christian cosmology (Starbird); my meeting with HP and miraculous discovery of Fuller’s Sub Rosa: Crux.  I first became aware of this poem in Jeffrey Steele’s excellent essay, “Symbols of Transformation: Fuller’s Psychological Languages:”

In similar fashion, the poem “Sub Rosa-Crux” links the symbol of the glowing red center of light to the Rosicrucian symbol of the “Rosy Cross” found “within the heart” (EMF 236).  During this same period, Leila reappears in a number of poems, including “To Sarah” and “Leila in the Arabian Zone.”  As a whole, these texts focus upon profound processes of transformation, in which the appearance of the glowing carbuncle or Leila symbolizes the emergence of creative and spiritual powers out of the depths of the psyche.

Clearly, there is the psychological interpretation, but in writing the post about my resurrection ritual in the gallery,

I discovered the full poem in wikiquotes and was knocked out by the glaring homage to the Knights Templar:

Sub Rosa, Crux


Margaret Fuller

In times of old, as we are told,

When men more child-like at the feet

Of Jesus sat, than now,

A chivalry was known more bold

Than ours, and yet of stricter vow,

Of worship more complete.

Knights of the Rosy Cross, they bore

Its weight within the heart, but wore

Without, devotion’s sign in glistening ruby bright;

The gall and vinegar they drank alone,

But to the world at large would only own

The wine of faith, sparkling with rosy light.

The pass-word now is lost

To that initiation full and free;

Daily we pay the cost

Of our slow schooling for divine degree,

We know no means to feed an undying lamp;

Our lights go out in every wind or damp.

Though deepest dark our efforts should enfold

Unwearied mine to find the vein of gold;

Forget not oft to lift the hope on high

The rosy dawn again shall fill the sky.

And by that lovely light, all truth-revealed,

The cherished forms which sad distrust concealed,

Transfigured, yet the same, will round us stand,

The kindred angels of a faithful band;

Ruby and ebon cross both cast aside,

No lamp is needed, for the night has died.

Be to the best thou knowest ever true,

Is all the creed;

Then, by thy talisman of rosy hue,

Or fenced with thorns that wearing thou must bleed,

Or gentle pledge of Love’s prophetic view,

The faithful steps it will securely lead.

Happy are all who reach that shore,

And bathe in heavenly day,

Happiest are those who high the banner bore,

To marshal others on the way;

Or waited for them, fainting and way-worn,

By burdens overborne.

What stuck in my mind was this line from the poem that was to sum up the experience of falling into the abyss, taking place after the reading.

The kindred angels of a faithful band;

Ruby and ebon cross both cast aside,

No lamp is needed, for the night has died.

When I read, and  then re-read, that in the gallery, surrounded by the Ouroboros Margaret created of her myth, I could only think of night and death.  Now, as I write this with the light that has come through Venus passing through the Sixth Gate (heart chakras), I realize she is talking about the illumination of the Age of Aquarius when Christian symbols will no longer serve, because we will be living our truth, our chakras vibrating with the knowledge of our true origin!

Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage opening at HP Garcia, August 4, 2010 at 6 PM

And this seems to be borne out, as HP Garcia will be publishing the catalog of this exhibition in conjunction with his bringing it to his gallery in New York City.  The exhibition will open under the T-Square line-up on August 4 at 6 PM (see chart at left with T-Square prominent in red).  This will serve as a ritual of “as above, so below” delivered by his stellar exacting spiritual guidance and I will deliver the text of this new Codex under astral guidance as a gallery talk during the course of the three week show.  And from the sight of this chart, it looks like the cat is finally out of the bag!  We will get some hard earned publicity — at last!  Chart ruler Saturn in a tight conjunction with Mars in the Ninth House of publicity opposing Uranus/Jupiter in Gemini in the Third House of the media!

My ritualized revelation, revealed in the New Moon chart for Salem, would create an awakening (Jupiter and Uranus at Zero degree Aries on my ascendant) that would jolt the system (conjunct the 28 degrees Pisces Midheaven opposing Saturn at 27 degrees Virgo on the IC) even as the information released regarding the divine truth of the Age of Aquarius (the New Moon trine Neptune in Aquarius conjunct the US Moon in the eighth house of transformation) remained hidden (lunation rising in the 12th house).

Margaret Fuller's chart progressed to May 23, 2010

In accordance with the Sagittarian line-up in her progressed chart opposing this New Moon, Margaret Fuller will be resurrected in Truth.  She will be served “the wine of faith, sparkling in the rosy light” by the Knight Templar tradition of bringing the underground stream of the feminine to – in Fuller’s words – bath in the heavenly day!


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