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"We are the primitives of a New Era" by Aldo Tambellini, 1961

I arrived in Salem at 6 PM Thursday under a Dark Gemini Moon with the book Dark Mission under my arm.   I was utterly engrossed in Chapter Five, “A Conspiracy Unfolds” during the bus ride to Boston.

Nathan hanging the last painting in the Salem Galleria

Nathan was just finishing hanging the art of Aldo Tambellini in the galleria of his archivist

A ritual of Abundance!

Anna Salamone where I was to be staying.  The last work on the wall was the artisan bread from the award winning bakery in new proximity.

Amazing to be in a space with imagery from deep space.

The Kundalini was pressurizing the base of my spine.  It really hurt!  This force of dark matter – the crystallization of my 20 years of writing from the unconscious converging with research and visible evidence compiled by authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara regarding the occult activities within the space program!

What do they know that we don’t?  What Aldo keeps saying:  “There must be some other life out there!”

Aldo Tambellini in Pierre Menard Gallery passing before his "Arrival" painting

It brought me back to my meeting with Zecharia Sitchen before I left for Paris in 1995. table after parting and said: “”Everything I wrote about, the DNA, the spaceships on Mars, is being proven by science.

Uranus was just entering my sign of Aquarius, and this was the lure into the depths that I would be plunged into over the next decade.  And here is evidence of the illuminati that HP Garcia talks about – the conspiracy  NASA with its use of sacred geometry and “as above; so below” timing in relation to line-ups of the 19.5 declination to ritualize space travel, as if extending a message in a bottle to the Annunakis!

What a shock to read – not only about the Masonic brotherhood in NASA, but the relationship between Jack Parsons, inventor of the rocket booster and Alister Crowley as well as L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology!

It all seemed too eerie as I reached Salem and entered the loft of Aldo’s partner and archivist Anna Salamone.

To find it transformed into an Italian style galleria with the work of her partner Aldo Tambellini covering the walls.

I felt like I was about to plunge into the abyss made real by his perforated paintings, to spin through the vortex of the galactic center and come out the other side an utterly new being.

Doesn't this Aldo Tambellini painting look like the surface of the Dark Moon?


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