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View from above. "The Alchemy of Love: Air"

Venus Moon Conjunction: 16 March, 2010: 6:39 AM EDT NYC


Venus as the Evening Star (Vesper) passed through the Second Gate (the Third Eye) at 6:39 AM.  Making precise contact with the Moon so close to the horizon translates from Heaven to Earth as quick action, aka THE QUICKENING.  The gains of Venus in her active Morning Star (Lucifer) phase move into action.  In other words, Venus is pulled Full Speed Ahead, spiraling through the chakras by no strenuous efforts of her own.

The authentic feminine emerges as a new (Aries Sun) form (Saturn in Virgo in the 6th house) of Beauty (Moon and Venus in Taurus). Venus rules the chart and Vesper emerges with her own timing and power, while the Sun (Aries in the 12th house) and Mars (Leo in the 4th house) remain out of sight.  The pressure is on as we are headed for another Uranus/Saturn opposition on April 28, the last opposition with Saturn in Virgo, which means the form of the new archetype of the feminine will emerge at this time, as Uranus heads for the crossing the meridian at O degrees Aries, the point of my rising sign!

So, where else would I go to find this new form but the last outpost for authentic art in New York City…


I went to visit Selma Karaca, who lives in her studio in the McKibben Street Loft building, which is one of the last artist communities in the city.

The Bushwick studio of Selma Karaca

Selma, the hardest working artist I know, has created the form for the 21st century woman: the spiral.   Only an Aquarian could come up with something so deceptively simple — and utterly profound!

To arrive at this liberation of form, she created a foundation from the very structures that once confined women, the hoop skirt and the corset, that remain on her racks.

"Waterfall" by Selma Karaca, "EVOLVER: Wake Up and Dream," February 2, 2007

Beginning with this foundation, in the traditional female structures of confinement, Karaca innovated a path through the opposites of her Aquarian sun sign, Uranus and Saturn, to innovate new forms of liberation for female attire.  For example, eternity was structured into her “Waterfall” dress, the figure-eight form representing the “sacred marriage” of inner and outer.  Holding the tension of the opposites of tradition (Saturn) and innovation (Uranus), this breakthrough was celebrated at the “Woman of the 21st Century” installation at EVOLVER: Wake Up and Dream.

Selma Karaca's "Waterfall" at Wake Up and Dream, Feb. 2, 2007

Engaging in the spiral of Karaca's Kundalini Couture

I have been shedding my clothes over the years, so I will have nothing but her spiral dresses.  They feel so amazing, I never want to take them off!

We innovated costumes illuminating the evolution of the kundalini in the chakras for The Alchemy of Love





Selma immigrated to this country from her native Turkey speaking little English and with little else than her immense talent and a dream.   She kept true to her vision of creating a liberating form for women, working day and night, while piling up one award after another.  She confronted the fashion world with its power struggles and pressures and turned her back on it.  She pressed on until she found her niche: craft shows where she has been stunning participants with her breathtakingly beautiful, yet — get this –uncommonly wearable art that molds to the individuality of the female body.  Women wear her clothes; rather than the clothes wearing the women, as is the case with commercial designers. She  proudly showed me her latest prize: Best of Show in the Boston Crafts Fair this past weekend.  How far she has come in redefining wearable art as an everywoman everyday experience!  “When I applied for a visa,” she said, “I was told that fashion isn’t considered art.”

That was then.  This is now!   Selma is preparing to integrate her love of Tango with her art, by pulling together a Kundalini Couture fashion show with Tango dancers!   With all the obstacles she had to break through in this still patriarchal world, Selma Karaca, who retained her Turkish connection to the Goddess through all her travails,  is the most authentically liberated woman I know!

Selma showing me her tango outfit

Selma Karaca


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  1. I agree! Selma is a creative force. Her dresses feel lik a second skin. Jan

    Comment by Jan | April 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. I adore Selma’ energy and her art. She has a spectacular sense of style and her pieces are timeless! Thank you Selma for all the good things you contribute to this world!

    Comment by duygu | April 22, 2010 | Reply

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