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"Whirling Dervishes" by Chris Twomey; 2010 (original image shot in 1987) 11” x 14” C print

Saturday APRIL 17th, 7-11pm Creon Gallery on 24th Street

Chris Twomey: Astral Fluff: Carnal Bodies in Celestial Orbit

Chris Twomey's "Astral Fluff" installation at Creon Gallery, April 17, 2010

“The repetitive actions that make up our days become the grid or structure that supports the foundation and assumptions of our lives.  This endurance or resolve to keep going, to improve, and to continue implies a faith that the next moment will come, connoting a lightness of being which imbues our resolution with profound delicacy.”

Chris Twomey, 2010

Installation shot of Chris Twomey's "Astral Fluff"

Synchronicities abound!  I couldn’t imagine a more apt environment for my first public reading of Kundalini’s Daughter than Chris Twomey’s Astral Fluff: Carnal Bodies in Celestial Orbit which confronted me with the Whirling Dervishes of Selma Karaca’s native Turkey!

To begin, I encountered The Triumph of the XX, an authentic image of

embodiment following my Black Madonna experience, where I met Chris Twomey and was introduced to her work with the Madonna archetype!

" XX & XY" by Chris Twomey from the "XX Series"

"Astral Wall" by Chris Twomey

Could any woman who leapt into the unknown terrain of embedding a new archetype into her art could have imagined a time and space to transform from the “underground” writer to a public persona whose routine work of embodiment (expressed here in the images of kneading, braiding and lifting weights) is carrying her to the fluff of her dream world?

Chris has a technique of creating the marriage of heaven and earth in the material of photographic images, imbedding energy patterns of motion into the underlying space of the materialization of image.  The Sema involving the whirling represents the mystical ascent through the chakras to the perfection of the “sacred marriage.

"Astral Wall" by Chris Twomey

After being in Chelsea, for about a moment, and running into a car dealership, I was delighted to head to the eastward edge of the art world — to the Creon Gallery where I was transformed by my participation in this installation!  It seemed a logical conclusion to my process of “Applying the Heisenberg Principle to 21st Century Art.”  Particularly after I was told by the artist that the “intimate” reading event was inspired by the critic Robert C. Morgan reading sexual material written under his pen name at Sideshow Gallery.  I’m all for critics publicly confronting their Shadows!

The invitation was for an intimate reading and I couldn’t imagine anything more intimate than my selection from the book.  I was expecting an intimate crowd of women…

…what a surprise when so many men showed up!

Stefan Eins inside "Astral Fluff"

With the artist herself setting the tone by sharing a section of a script she wrote about passion on the Louisiana bayou, the readings that followed were indeed as intimate, carnal and contained as the environment!


Chris Twomey reading from her script

ranging from childhood explorations of dark matter…

Roberta Allen, author, artist and teacher

to “in flight” revelations about a professional quest sourced in family tragedy…

Holly Crawford - artist/art historian/ curator/director AC Institute

and “fictional flashes” of the sexual push and pull between male and female

Linda DiGusta - artist/writer/editor Resolve

…to the real life drama of sexually intertwined beings disappearing into archetypes (me).

Lisa Paul Streitfeld reading from "Kundalini's Daughter: Critical Trilogy, Vol. 1"

The authentic message underlying the readings was this: imagination fused with realism in a marriage of opposites revealing a new, integrated feminine energy embodying heaven and earth!

Stefen Eins whose exhibition at Creon opens April 21, 2010

and there were plenty of fab guys there to celebrate!

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, poet and critic at The Brooklyn Rail

Linda DiGusta with Marc Henry Johnson, Executive Director of Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center

I lingered after the crowd disappeared, searching for a sign that would encapsulate this experience of passage…and suddenly I found it!

A hexagram, the very symbol of the “sacred marriage”…


Two couples spanning art, literature and film: Linda DiGusta and Mark Wiener; Marc Henry Johnson and his wife

into the very material of “Astral Fluff”!


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