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New York Post, Friday April 2, page 38

I posted on March 26 about an impromptu piece of performance art I curated “on the spot” for “A Call to Revolution!”

It was picked up by THE NEW YORK POST and published the following Friday, April 2!

The Bowery has played host to CBGB, homeless bums and, more recently, upscale museums, hotels and bars. But now there’s an underground art scene straight out of the debauched ’60s era of Andy Warhol’s Factory.

Collective Hardware, housed in a rundown building between Broome and Delancey streets that used to be Weiss Hardware, has nothing to do with wrenches. Instead, it’s a five-floor party-studio-gallery-music space filled with a never-ending parade of pretty people, downtown artists and hangers-on.

Last Thursday, at a launch party for the nonprofit Fund Art Now, jazz floated through the first-floor gallery from a rented Steinway. On the second floor, members of the cool set were lounging, either getting a trim from the Astor Place haircutters while sipping a no-brand cocktail from a makeshift bar or participating in a séance — there’s an oversized hand-painted Ouija board on the floor.

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Resulting in dire pronouncements from other bloggers;

I discovered that it is forbidden to put your own Internet address along with your comment on the NY Post site:.  So, the best I could do is deliver a cliche sound bite:

Lisapaul1000: You had to be there

Due to expert timing, as I have been practicing with my strategically planned shamanic performances, both public and private, of the past ten years, I lived my own 21st century philosophy, of being interpreter to a unique phenomenon in which I was both participant and observer!

Lisa Paul Streitfeld delivering her paper, "Applying the Heisenberg Principle to 21st Century Art" at the 2009 AICA Congress in Dublin, Ireland


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