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Kundalini Rising on the Lower East Side!!

SPARKING THE REVOLUTION!!! Louisa Bradshaw in an authentic spontaneous performance at F.A.N.’s launch at Collective Hardware, March 25

“Integrity” :  1. The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral  principles or professional standards  2.)  The state of being complete or undivided   3.  The state of being sound or undamaged.

March 26, 2010.  The crystalline structure of a new archetype has entered the American map.  Not, as you may have guessed, through an art museum.  But rather, in a “SPARK TO REVOLUTION” inside the funky Collective Hardware on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Louisa Bradshaw

Yes, in the shadow of the New Museum with its patriarchal refuse on display, CHANGE has been taking place!

Louisa Bradshaw invoking Change through the Kundalini

Twelve months ago, Harlan Emil Gruber and I introduced Brook “Running Bear” Gillespie to Collective Hardware to give a MER-KA-BA meditation before our presentation of “Transportals to 2012.”

The MER-KA-BA meditation was so powerful!  Influenced by my talk “Transportals to 2012” on the sacred structure of the Hieros Gamos 21st century archetype, presented in the East Village for our event on Vernal Equinox 2008, just after a powerful Pisces eclipse on February 20 challenged our integrity.

Harlan’s model of Nassim Haramein‘s Structure of the Vacuum was on view at Collective Hardware during the mind-blowing talk by the maverick physicist, who explained the Paradigm Leap in the most personal of terms: the deeper you go inside, the more connected you are to the world.


How could I resist helping to light the match in a Ukranian style “SPARK TO REVOLUTION!” A fancy invitation from Fund Art Now enticed me back to the spot where a collective energy entered the six-fold geometry of the new archetype just one year ago.  A prompt came in the form of a message from Linda Cacciatore BoltonI found on Facebook in response to my last post on James Maddock:

“Loved it! You’ve captured the sentiments of so many of his “disciples.” I just discovered him in December, and have seen him in concert once a month since–house concert, Jersey shore bar, the Turning Point. He’s magical, a Pied Piper, and, as you experienced, a real sweetheart.”

Yes, all that makes Maddock, not only the rock star for our times, but a rarity in New York City!  So many people, many of them quite talented, pushing and shoving, and James who says so matter of factly, “they have options, don’t they,” seems perfectly content to be just where he is!  This brought up the paradox.  How could the Voice of Change arise from such stability?

I left for the Lower East Side with Maddock’s astrological data, interested to see if I could determine in the crystalline structure in his chart that I experience in his music. When I drew up his chart on the train, I realized I could.  It was so beautiful, a multifaceted gem hardened by being compressed underground over the years!  I showed up at his Bowery apartment with the structure of his natal horoscope.

“I am happy to play before 50 or 60 people,” he told me, proclaiming with utter sincerity: “I am just a regular guy.”  His gorgeous partner, the photographer Mary Ellen Matthews, joined in on the discussion; I could see he was living his Truth in their gentle manner of relating.   But I wanted to know how a man “standing still” can start a movement.  This surely goes against what goes on in the culture at large: all that pushing and shoving to make something happen.  It doesn’t make logical sense to move forward by simply standing still!   Yet, isn’t this what the great buddha have done?  In this confrontation with the Real, I forgot all the wisdom I have been taught by the great masters!

Now, I know James Maddock is a Gemini compendium of opposites.  So, it makes sense that he could embrace this polarity of being stationary and movement at the same time.  Not only that, but this is the highest form of Gemini, what the Native Americans refer to as the Heyoke, which alchemically combines the opposites into a new crystalline form.  I learned all this before, but the evening was to incorporate this awareness to a deeper level of beingness.

Could an authentic experience at Collective Hardware point out the Truth about this archetype and its geometry, and therefore clear a path into the culture, a path big and bold enough to cleanse the American pop culture of its dis-ease?  This was the urgent question.

And like any intellectual quandary, it begged for…


"Grenade" a work of Geminism by Anton Kandinsky on view for Fund Art Now

January 23, 2006: “Icons of the 21st Century” Dialectic launched at the Lab Gallery, NYC in the feast of Anton S. Kandinsky’s Social Eroticism

Seeing Anton’s SKY signature when I entered Collective Hardware on Thursday night was a coming full circle from our departure point: my Social Eroticism manifesto.

Anton Kandinsky beating a hasty retreat from the spotlight

Nevertheless, Anton bid a hasty retreat from posing for the photographers when he saw me.  But he was extremely conciliatory when I took out my taperecorder and asked him to defend his latest Gemism paintings.   Anton Kandinsky explaining his "Grenade"

Anton S. Kandinsky's new series in F.A.N.'s benefit, "A Call to Revolution" at Collective Hardware, New York City

He pointed out the architecture of the hand grenade as a tantric equation…

Anton explaining. .

Anton Kandinsky's "American Flag" detail


But I was in flow, and it happened in two places the connection was made in my brain.  First before his gemist American Flag painting

"American Flag" by Anton Kandinsky

hanging over the couch.  I found a gemologist examining it.  He was convinced the artist was coming up with a new language spelled out by his gems.  “That stone is the one of the hardest!” he declared.  “Formed from thousands of years!”

“Nah,” I said.  “I know Anton.  He is something of a trickster.  He just wants you to think it is an archaic code.  It is really just a facsimile of a code, a tribute to the notion of code that can be cracked by a system.  It is a metaphor for his intent to crack the code of the New York art world.”

Suddenly, the medulla between my brain hemispheres snapped. I started talking, rapid fire as the meaning that eluded me suddenly flowed into the crown of my head.   “Yes,” I continued.  “And his whole Gemism movement is just a play on the entire trajectory of 21st century isms.  The crystalline structures you see have the Kandinsky language, his personal genetic coding, in them but that is also a joke because he is the illegitimate son who has no concrete proof, beyond his genius and his talent, that he is the genetic descendent of the modernist master.  So, the language of geminism he has created a play on the whole notion of an original artistic language: the only language needed is embedded in his Golden Grenade which he is exploding in the comatose art world.  This is the tantric language of the opposites:  the masculine phallus, the female ovum and the egg.  He even jested about his own compromise to his benefactors, the organizers of the event, who asked him, he said, to make the grenade thrower like a dancer.

The World Dancer!

Another icon – the signature trypdich of  Anton S. Kandinsky’s “Golden Grenade” sparking F.A.N.’s “A Call to Revolution”!!!!

James Maddock and Louisa Bradshaw

But the Pied Piper of the Bowery had his role cut out for him as delivering the creative spark.  I texted him to come right over from the Bowery Poetry Club.

He and Mary Ellen brought one of his Merry women, an authentically awakened woman — the performer/songwriter Louisa Bradshaw.   We had an immediate connection over a comparison of our Kundalini experience; hers — a few years ago — was heaven while mine was hell, back in the 1980’s.  Then, like magick…she got down on the floor and… POW!


Photographer Mary Ellen Matthews and James Maddock

But as the night continued, having another conversation with James and Mary Ellen at the bar about what the “sell out” means in a world where there is so little authenticity, when even the negation of the term is currently for sale in the official New York art world which casts a mighty large shadow ( Performa’s panel “Not for Sale” is a curtain over dropped the known fact that participants in the festival have to buy their way in through purchasing a space in the catalog; this explains the lack of authenticity in the over-hyped Performa that has sucked attention, money and resources away from the Real performance art in New York!)  I remembered then the crystallize structure of his chart; we agreed that remaining faithful to your art in the face of overwhelming challenge of the marketplace is a matter of integrity — plain and simple.  So goes the Call to Revolution!

But what I forgot was the tantric reality of the masculine force (so strong now with Mars in Leo making a trine to Mars in Aries) as Shiva, the stationary consort to Shakti as she rises through the chakras, giving birth to daughter Kundalini.  I had completely forgotten the tantric reality of the New Paradigm, where the male energy, Shiva, stays stationary as the consort to the eternal spiral of the Shakti giving birth to her daughter, Kundalini.

Anton volunteered a curious fact: the sponsors requested that he make the grenade thrower in dancing tights.  Imagine if all artists, trying so hard to make a sale, admitted in doing what their purchasers wanted!  But Anton needs to be contrary, so he said this giving over to his audience, the commercial interests, was his means of throwing a hand grenade into the culture.  So it could explode!  I  replied: “I call that having your cake and eating it too.”   But through his good fortune, or possibly just good painting, Louisa was on hand to transform his explosion into a new cultural organization.

…the Kundalini’s Daughter Society  
This is to show how Joseph Campbell’s prophecy has come to pass: the new mythology will  deliver the Age of Aquarius archetypes!  

And so we did!

Catalyst for Change, David Zelikovsky C.E.O. and Founder of F.A.N. with the Voice of Change James Maddock at "A Call to Revolution"

Rony Rivellini, the Aquarian partner in Collective Hardware

Samantha evoking the Goddess at FUND ART NOW


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