Critical Trilogy: Kundalini’s Daughter

a critic's millennial journey


St. Patrick’s Day was so stunning… a rebirth after plunging into the abyss of a truly Dark Moon — 48 hours without electrical power following the hurricane!

I packed the car for a spiritual odyssey through the back country…

Stopped at my sacred spot, a grove in Pound Ridge.

Discovered two fallen trees created a new sign.

And took the path to a ritual site which I made my own last summer by christening

The sacred Marriage Tree

On the altar, I placed my offering, the Sun and Moon stone I received for my Alchemy of Love performance.

My reward when I departed by way of this marvelous tree…

A Yod pointing downwards, the Hand pointing to the  crossroads.

Stopped at O2 Living for a yoga class and a pizza which was insanely delicious.  I asked about the tortilla and Francis said it was Ezekiel.  I asked who makes it, and he said the Essenes!  Highly synchronistic as I was at that moment writing about the Annunakis, whom Hugo Payans insists are connected to the Templars through the priesthood at Solomon’s Temple!

O2 pizza made on an Ezekiel tortilla

This spot in Yellow Monkey Village, where I wrote so many piles of manuscripts in the past decade, has developed into a real spiritual hub!  Frances and I reflected grassroots spiritual evolution that escapes the notice of the American media, even as it is enveloping even the wealthy antique shopping orchid purchasing patrons of the village.  Francis, who made his trek up and down the west coast from one spiritual community to another, says that — despite the people being so much more closed than in the west — he has found more originality here!  I declared that whatever is permitted to emerge here is simply more REAL!  The Puritan soil wouldn’t otherwise stand for it…so this explains the many incarnations of the cafe, until the precise right one has been found.

And no wonder, for the owner entered and I immediately detected her Irish accent!

After observing so many women entering with beautiful auras, ordering a Green Drink and thanking Francis for making their day…I asked him about the secret ingredients.

And he gave me a sample to bolster my St. Patrick’s Day journey…

Onwards to Ridgefield where I visited my friend Suzanne Benton

Suzanne Benton sitting on "Throne" and holding "Spirit"

Suzanne is an amazing veteran feminist artist  who launched me on my grassroots path of uncovering a new art theory  after I confronted her Positive Power revolution in the grassroots of Connecticut in 2001.

"Mask, Dance, Spirits" self-portrait of Suzanne Benton

Suzanne has performed her mask journeys all over the world.  She will perform at the 200th birthday celebration of Margaret Fuller at the May 23 opening of “Woman of the Twenty-first Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage.”

"Psyche" mask by Suzanne Benton, bronze on steel

I donned Psyche (left) when descending into the myth of Psyche and Eros chronicled in Kundalini’s Daughter.  This conscious reworking of the myth with Suzanne was my life raft when drowning in the transit of Neptune on my Aquarian Sun!

“What mask shall we put in your show?” she asked.  “Ariadne?”

Ariadne!  I hadn’t considered it.   Ariadne who helped Thesius through the labyrinth and was rewarded with a promise of marriage and a boat trip to his kingdom, only to be dumped on a desert island?  “What did she do to attract Dionysius…” my friend said, as a form of mystical prompt.

“She went inward,” i replied.  “A lesson for the woman of the 21st century.  Let’s put that in the show.”

"Ariadne" mask by Suzanne Benton, bronze on steel

Yes, Ariadne!  Margaret would like that!  Didn’t she give the thread of her woman’s

intuition to Emerson only to be rejected in her quest for the sacred marriage after nearly dying from the exertion of her unpaid stint as editor of his transcendentalist journal?”

And as I left, she told me: “Remember, Dionysius comes unexpectedly, out of nowhere.”

The message of the shaman came back to me.  “When he invites you to dance, just do it!”

She now strikes me as the Sun Goddess.

The inner light projected outward!

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  1. Thank you so much for your words about my music. you added your own amazing insight an make me so appreciative of what you have added to what i envisioned… please send me an email copy of what you wrote.. I am creating a newsletter called ecobluecreative and it would be good to link to you or have you contribute..
    Biglove, peace and courage,

    Comment by Leesa Sklover | December 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Your music is so transformational! Just hearing your voice on the CD sends me to that realm I have been writing about — the newly emerging archetype of the hieros gamos. An amazing culmination of an excruciating journey of 25 years, slogging through all the male structures to arrive at your elegant architecture universe…the divine feminine arisen for a new era!

      Comment by Lisa Paul Streitfeld | December 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Will do. I’m so glad you are putting your light, your amazing gift, further into the world and will be thrilled to be part of it.

      Comment by Lisa Paul Streitfeld | December 6, 2010 | Reply

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