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Pisces New Moon; March 14, 2010 5:01 PM

It was quite a synchronicity to open Orca Chantress Beluga Shaman by Leesa Sklover, a Jungian practitioner and enchanting chanteuse whom I heard speak at the Temenos Institute in Westport on Friday night.  She played  the Orca Chantress kundalini yoga chant  at the close of her presentation,”A Jungian Look at Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Chant.”  It was the most extraordinary blend of opposites (the spiritual and the sensual, the primal and the ecstatic) that I have ever heard!  Leesa composes her world chants with her own exquisite voice blending into her collaborator Jim Nollman‘s interactions with dolphin and whales, along with wolves, bugs and birds!  Check out Jim’s Interspecies Art Gallery!

The music hits at my highest and lowest chakras simultaneously.  Leesa’s voice is just exquisite!  She is a chantress of the highest order, a teacher of kundalini yoga, sound therapist and musical performer — truly an artist of the twenty-first century utilizing her gifts to connect people with the newly emerging icon of the hieros gamos.

She certainly has the sacred geometry down!

This afternoon, after nearly 48 hours of a power outage, which made the darkest moon last night I have had in a long while, I open the CD and discover a song, Beautiful All Around, containing the sacred geometry of the hieros gamos!  To arrive at the hexagram, the chant combines Native American healing tradition (the four directions) with the Jewish shamanic tradition.

It is the New Moon, after all, and the discovery brings to mind an alchemical image depicting the geometry of the six directions:

The King (Sol) and Queen (Luna) united by the dove (spirit)

This chant contains the YOD, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet (right) and the configuration in my chart being activated under this spectacular New Moon.

In Hebrew it means “closed hand.”

Yod in effect at the 15 March New Moon. Mars (Leo) and Saturn (Libra) making a sextile while the arm of the fork hits Neptune/Chiron at 27 degrees Aquarius, on the U.S. Moon (Sibley chart); the artist's (Saturn in Libra) creation (Mars in Leo) points to the Aquarian archetypes (Neptune) that can heal (Chiron) the collective

In astrology, the Yod (highlighted above) means Finger of God.

Leesa’s marvelous chant, from  the Sefer Yetzirah, is holistic in that it engages the six directions through the three letters that make up  the name of God: YHWH (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) with a gematria of 10+5+6+5 = 26

sky:  yod hey vav

earth: hey, yod, vav

east: vev, yod, hey

west: vav, hey, yod

south: yod, vav, hey

north: hey, vav, yod

The six directions form the hexagon…

…the totality of the hieros gamos, the divine marriage of opposites.

You see the dove descending from the six-pointed star, the Seal of Solomon, to the center, primordial point where the six directions meet:

“The priomordial point, while always remaining essentially “Unlocalized” (for it cannot be affected or modified by anything whatsoever), makes itself the centre….From this point start the six directions, which, as pairs of opposites, represent all contraries, and to it also they return, by the alternating movements of expansion and contraction, which constitute the two complementary phases of all manifestation.”

–Renee Guenon, Symbolism of the Cross

The holistic art at this absolute center is a sacred reality embodying the primordial point of the six directions of space.  This art can be identified by:

ü     Multiple levels of meaning

o      incorporating past, present and future

ü     Integrating time and space

ü     Holistic microcosm of a macrocosmic process

ü     Interconnected with life on the planet

Meditating at the New Moon (5:01 PM EDT) while listening to this chant put me right into the centre, the place of unity, the changeless truth.  This is the chant of the Merkabah.

May it be beautiful before me;  May it be beautiful behind

May it be beautiful before me;   May it be beautiful above, all round

This was a beautiful act of transformation of karma

–English lyrics by Leesa Sklover inspired by Navajo healing-ceremony night chant

January 23, 1997, the Seal of Solomon connecting Heaven & Earth

And this totality of the six directions is where the search for “woman of the 21st century” was begun, and where she is now being formed!

“For the being who stands at the centre, all is unified, for he sees all in the unity of the Principle.  All particular and analytical viewpoints, which are founded only on contingent distinctions and which give rise to all he divergence of individual opinions, have disappeared for him and are reabsorbed into the total synthesis of transcendent knowledge, which is the same as the one and changeless truth.”

–Renee Guenon, Symbolism of the Cross

Tanya in her studio, Los Angeles, California

After my meditation, I opened my e-mail and received these glorious images from Tanya Ragir.

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  1. Thanks for educating me about what’s coming-to-be!

    Comment by Ron | March 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. Awesome!!

    But you’ve got it backwards. The Upward triangle is masculine and the downward one is feminine.


    Because the upwards one represents the physical reaching upward / like the pyramids (also phallic).

    The downward one represents the spirit / feminine reaching inward / downward (shaped like the female genital area).

    Imagine the hand of god reaching down to shake your hand.

    Amazing art btw!!

    Comment by Builder Dan | October 4, 2012 | Reply

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