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Lunar Eclipse, December 31, 2009 at 2:02 PM EST

What remains below in the retort is our salt, that is, our earth, and it is of a black colour, a dragon that eats his own tail.  For the dragon is the matter that remains behind after the distillation of water from it, and this water is called the dragon’s tail, and the dragon is its blackness, and the dragon is saturated with his water and coagulated, and so he eats his tail.

–Carl Jung

What a powerful Moon rise tonight.  It was huge and golden.  I could feel the conjunctio.

Il Conde called me precisely at the moment of the eclipse!

“Why am I so depressed?” I asked him.

“The snake shedding its skin,” he replied.  “You had to give up Ego in order to be mounted by your spirit head.”

“OK, I’m ready.  How do I prepare?”

“Pray for guidance,” he replies.

A novel idea.  My spirit guides have been pressing my nose to the grindstone for all these years.  It’s time that I just kick back (my Mars ruler now retrograde) and let myself be led!

This packed eighth house in the eclipse chart is all about surrender…

So be it.  I’m too tired to do anything else.


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