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Aldo Tambellini’s BLACK ZERO

Aldo Tambellini's "Black Zero" set

Performa09, White Box and The Thing present:

Black Zero by Aldo Tambellini and Group Center (1965-1968)

Featuring Aldo Tambellini (projections), Hilliard Greene (music), Ben Morea (noise machine), Maggie Clapis and the voice of Calvin C. Hernton (poet)

A project by Christoph Draeger


Aldo in discussion


(Partial Listing)

Recipient of the New York Council of the Arts First Grant given for Video when The Council considered Video as an Art Form

1963—Pioneered intermedia techniques working with multiple projections in theatrical context always striving to cast off conventional forms, using space, light and sound environmentally.

1966—Created first video by shining light into vidicam of porto-pak

Captured, A film and Video History of the Lower East Side, C. Patterson, Editor, Seven Press, New York, 2004

1966— Began working with videotapes as part of his intermedia (Electromedia) presentations.

Gene Youngblood: Expanded Cinema, 1970 pp. 308-314

1966— Opened The Gate Theater, the only theater to show avant-garde, experimental film continuously 7 days a week

1967—-Opened the Black Gate Theater (aka Tambellini’s Gate) in New York, the first “Electromedia Theater,” where he organized screenings and created environment-actions using film, video, music, and poetry. (see also 1978)

1969—Television Sculpture and videos of “Black Spiral”

1969—“TV as a Creative Medium” Show at Howard Wise Gallery – FIRST show about TV

1969—“Black Gate Cologne“-First Television broadcast by artists in Cologne,  Germany.  WDR Cologne opened its new TV studio for electronic image manipulation with the elaborate  intermedia event, staged by the artists Otto Piene and Aldo Tambellini.

Art of the 20th Century, Painitng, Sculpture, New Media, Photography, Ruhrerg, Scheckenburger, Fricke, Honnef, Taschen GmbH, 2005, page 595

1969—„The Medium is the Medium”-First television program incorporating the work of artists which aired at GBH Television, Boston. Six artists were invited to work with television technicians for the creation of “The Medium Is the Medium.” Aldo Tambellini’s work “Black” features images from slides, films, and television monitors and the responses of children.

1969—Winner of the Grand Prix at the Oberhausen Film Festival.  Short Film, “Black TV,” is an artist’s sensory perception of the violence of the world we live in, projected through the television tube. Film includes video work.

Grove Press Catalogue

1970— „Vision and Television“   Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University

First major exhibition of video in a museum.

1971— “Special Video Show” First Video Show at the Whitney Museum.

1978—Used video in live performance. “Pierot in Time,” video work with Sara Dickenson performed at Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA., “an example of an abstract and highly conceptualized use of video. The medium was primary, an indispensable component of the piece.”

“Getting into the Act:  Video in Live Performance,” by Peter Z. Grossman  for Videography, March, 1978 Issue


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